Viewer flips video 180 degrees.

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I have the HitFilm 12.3.8815.7201 and the viewer randomly flips the video footage 180 degrees, it doesn't affect the result after exporting but having the footage flipped isn't handy while composing&editing.

It seems to affect only video files in my case (both .mp4 from different sources).

If I flip the video 180 degrees to see it correctly it will flip the video after exporting.



  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,215 Ambassador

    What are your system specs? CPU  GPU  OS  RAM and storage? Are your GPU drivers current?

  • Ab_Tx
    Ab_Tx Posts: 2

    I doubt the specs are related to the problem since the previous version worked well, but here they are anyway:

    Intel i5 3.5GHz

    GTX980 SC 2.0

    16GB DDR4 RAM

    Win10 64bit

    Installed in HDD while windows is in SSD.

    All drivers are up to date.

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