Quad Warp issues (beginner question)

Hello all 

I have been trying to follow the youtube tutorials on how to use a quad warp on images, videos and text with the same issue

from this video



Inside a composite shot I drag the warp effect onto the item and I get the pull tabs on the corners but when I manipulate the tabs i get no results. at times i might get a  "crop effect" where the entire item resizes in a rectangle fashion but nothing in terms of angle change.

Those youtube videos are outdated so Im wondering if they added a step in the newer software that im unaware of.

As a main example of what i want to do:

Id like to make  have an image/video  of a cell phone in somebody's hand and be able to place a video inside the cellphone screen.   I want to use the quad warp to  fit the video an match the required angle that the cell phone is being held etc.

so my questions are: 

1 How do i accomplish this in hitfilm express

2 all my video is mp4 . is this possible to do this  with an mp4?  (i read somewhere that a quicktime file is like a video png file but dont know if i need to somehow convert my mp4 to quicktime) on the video they are using mp4  so i dont know if there are certain mp4s i need.




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