Basic Camera movement issue (not working)

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Hi Guys,
this should be a fairly simple oversight.  i'm working on a wedding video and i've had to do a frame grab and insert to save a shot.  problem is it's very static and stand out.  I need to do a small camera movement to give the illusion it's not a still.

i've tried adding the new camera and parenting to a point layer to use that as a basic null control.  Didn't work.

I've gone into the camera and done the same thing...  nope...

the new camera is the top layer in the composition, and it's not working.  just to be sure i tried the same thing on orientation after the "Position" one failed.

what have i missed?  i've done this before and i can't seem to get this one to work


  • Triem23
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    edited May 2019

    Did you set the frame grab layer to 3D? Camera does nothing with 2D layers.

  • Jarrahv1
    Jarrahv1 Website User Posts: 98

    sorted... lol was just about to post... that's what i missed.

    Thanks Mike :D  i've got it set to the null and it's working because of that exact thing i missed.


    FRAME GRAB to 3D and the new camera works like @Triem23 said :D

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