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I've been working on my entry for the 200k Subscriber Competition and have encountered an issue. 

Starting today, Hitfilm displays the following error message every time I try to work on my project:

"An OpenGL error occurred while trying to render your project and the application must now exit. Do you want to save your project first?"

I select "no," since I already saved, and then Hitfilm comes up with the usual crash error message. The program then stops responding, and Windows has to end the task for it to close.

I understand this is probably an issue for a support ticket, but I am curious if anyone else is having this problem. 

I updated my graphics drivers and the issue persists. I am on the latest version of HitFilm Pro, and my PC is up to spec, but I can list the parts if necessary.

My project contains many comps imported from other projects. The part I am working on which results in the OpenGL error contains a  3D model, an embedded comp for the environment map, 4 lights, and some other things. Nothing too crazy is happening in the comp.

I have no idea why this suddenly started happening. Sometimes I can open the project and work for a few minutes, while other times it crashes as soon as I click in the interface to change something.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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    Yea. I will get OpenGl errors once in awhile if I use too, problematic (unknowingly at the time) models separately or as particles, too many lights,  fresnel /specular properties on less than perfect textures, diffuse, blur, motion blur, shake, HDR's environments...

    I have a few comps from v11 that have 4 views open...the file(s) produces an OpenGL error every time.

    I probably have a dozen projects thatI started over because they are stuck in that endless loop :-(

    I've changed my workflow to accommodate - save in stages...and NEVER save with multiple Grades layers, ie, Letterbox, CC, Lut's, Shake, Dirt etc, etc... AND Motion Blur. 


  • ZachAlan
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    Thank you @GrayMotion

    I don't believe the model or textures are problematic. I've been using them for quite awhile in multiple projects with no issues. (The model is the TARDIS by @NXVisualStudio )

    I find it weird how this suddenly started happening. Might try reinstalling Hitfilm...

    I can also try opening the project and removing the different "triggers" you listed above and see if one of them is the one that is problematic.

    Thanks again for the help :)

  • Triem23
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    Try pre-rendering any embedded comps? A Comp is a "virtual" clip, so, even if it's just an environment map or a text object it still goes through a render pass which gets held and passed forward. Pre-rendering of course reduces the embedded comp to a video file. You'll burn drive space, but you'll reduce processing load.

    One note is the viewer doesn't anti-alias while a render does, so a render is using more resources than editing. Something that might be pushing near the edge of a GPU in the edit can tip over on a render. 

  • ZachAlan
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    @Triem23 Thanks for the suggestion!

    Pre-rendering is another option I could try. However, this seems strange. I have been working with particle sims with embedded comp textures that aren't pre-rendered and have had no crashes. (At least none I can remember)

    I feel like viewing hundreds of particles at a time with an 800x800 non pre-rendered comp as a texture would be heavier to process than a TARDIS and some lights. Maybe there is just a problem with environment maps not being pre-rendered?

    Another note: The particle setup I mentioned above takes several seconds to view/render a single frame, while the TARDIS is much faster to load. This makes me think that the TARDIS is easier to render and shouldn't cause problems, but again I have no idea... :)

  • Triem23
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    Particles can take awhile. Especially if you're in the middle of a shot, since the sim has to look back at the start of the sim, run the sim to calculate the current frame, then render it. I would think the particles are more processor intensive than the TARDIS. Especially with Tony's model.

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