How to Import 4K Video?

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So someone made for me a background to use in my videos, and since I want it to scroll in the background, it was made in 4k so I can move it around in 1080. Since it's too big for things like Dropbox or Mediafire, he uploaded it to YT. I've found only two external ways to download the video in 4k, and both of them did in in MKV, which isn't supported by HitFilm Express? So how can I import that video in 4k?


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    You'll have to transcode (convert) them into a usable format. Most MP4 format videos that come out of transcoding software are usable in HitFilm. You could also use a video format such as Cineform that is good for editing. There are plenty of good threads on this forum about transcoding using Handbrake. 

    If you just want something quick and dirty however, there may be conversion web apps where you upload your video, pick your settings, and download again in a new format.

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    @avrona I use XMedia Recode(A free download) to convert my MKV to MP4 and a whole slew of other formats. Hope you find it useful like I do.  I use it quite often.

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