I almost completed the SURVEY, but i decided not to enter my email address. Now what?

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I almost completed the SURVEY, but i decided not to enter my email address.

What will happen if i: "confirm that you have read and agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy."

And what will happen if i won't confirm? Will my answers be deleted by the system or what? In each step they were submitted btw. Just want to know.

SURVEY:  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/fxhome-video-software-survey


  • Stargazer54
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     @Proteas I think it's pretty simple.  If you don't agree to the terms and do not enter your email, you're not in the contest.  I doubt that your answers are saved without that last step.   Having read through the terms and privacy docs I did not see anything alarming.

    But as with anything online, you trade anonymity for access.  If being in the contest is not worth it to you, then that's that.   But if you still want your answers heard, you could step through the process again and capture your responses into a Word document and send that in to FXHome.   

    Also, you can always add requests to the wish list at the top of the forum page.

  • Proteas
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    Stargazer54 First of all, i didn't wrote "I don't agree to the terms". I only asked what happens if i won't enter my email (and continue with agreement).

    Second, i asked if my answers are saved/transmitted, each time i click on "next", if i won't confirm.

    The terms however are too many. I can't spend 2 hours to understand them and, more important, i can't imagine the possible implications.

    I tried to copy the last page, with my comment in order to send it to FXHOME as you suggested, but it's not that simple. Doing the same thing for all pages would take a lot of time. Pity.

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    So completions require something in return, in this case some feedback, and an email to contact the winner. The terms for any competition are always long as it is a global comp. If you have objections to your data being used then don't enter. If however you won't to just give anonymous feedback and don't care about the competition then just use a rubbish email like [email protected]

  • Proteas
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     Andy001z  I can't remember exactly how i entered this website and therefore the problem was that perhaps i was already signed in in FXHOME. In this case, using a rubbish email might not be the perfect solution.

    Anyway, too late now (everything i wrote there is wasted now).