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FX home, now that you have done some short films, what do you think of the fs100. Once graded, does it look very cinematic? Many of the screen shots that you use to advertise look very cinematic, but were those done with the fs100? I am not asking for specs, but for an overall opinion.
Thanks :)


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    Hey S.R.S.
    The FS100 is a really nice piece of kit, but the results you get depend a great deal on the choice of lenses and also the skill of the user.
    In our short films we used a set of Leica Cine Primes, which if I am honest we didn't really utilise to their full potential - we could have worked harder at getting a nice filmic depth of field and, given more time at our locations, it would have been nice to spend more time on lighting the scenes to get a more distinctive look.
    The FS100 has really good low light performance, low noise and a great dynamic colour range, all of which give you a load of possibilities when it comes to grading.
    The promo stills around the site come from a variety of cameras - the FS100 was used on Knightfall & Extraction Protocol, Prism was shot using a RED and some of the other shots were created using both Sony EX-1 & EX-3 cams.
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    Thanks for the reply. :) So in your opinion, which camera gives the most cinematic appeal? The Fs100 or the Ex-3?
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    Well, the EX-3 is getting quite old now, and it records in XDCam, which isn't my favourite file format...
    The FS100 essentially takes a lot of the DSLR technology that has completely changed the game in the last few years, and incorporates it into a body more suited for filming. The options with lenses etc. are great, and if I had to choose between only these 2, it would be the FS100 everytime.
    However...it isn't perfect either, and different cameras are suited to different jobs. I always recommend hiring cameras and lenses if it is possible, either to get a chance to play with the most kit and learn how it all works, or just to choose the camera best suited to a particular job.
    There are a few other threads where people discuss their choices, so it would be worth looking at some of those too - they can get a bit vocal...
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