Loading jpg-Files from SAMSUNG 9+ are rotated

I loaded with the new installed Hitfilm V.12 .1.8620.42247 photos (jpg) made by the above Cellphone (stored in my notebook) and the pictures are shown within Hitfilm - Project rotated 180dgr..! Then I loaded into VEGAS Pro 16 and they are not rotated. What happens?


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    Picture rotation can be a bit weird... And it's an issue in a lot of software. My understanding is that some cameras take and save sideways pictures, but don't correct them- instead they just leave a note in the file that basically says "this way up" or "rotate x degrees". Some programs listen to the orientation tag. Others (like Hitfilm) simply look at the raw data and don't pay much attention to the tags (otherwise they would have to translate the image every time.) It's a bit annoying, but luckily easily fixed. The Transform tab has quick rotation buttons. If it's an asset you use regularly, open any image editing program (even MS Paint lol) and rotate it. Then export it, preferably as a new image. You should have a file that opens right way up in HitFilm.

  • Thanks for this background informations.

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