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i am looking at buying hitfilm pro, but i had a question. there is the option to upgrade, or buy it. i get a slight discount ($289.01), or i can buy outright with no discount. i lean to the second option because i have a coupon code for 10% off, which would make it $269.99. my question: would buying it instead of upgrading change anything?woukd i have to make a new account or anything?


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    Personally I'd wait awhile before upgrading. For 2 reasons: a)Early version of any software tend to be buggy. b) it appears that the best bang for the buck for existing customers of FXHome is when sales are happening. My last 2 upgrades were during sales at a cost of 169.00 US. Thanksgiving sale. Huge difference from my current upgrade price of 269.00US

    This years upgrade was a bit different for me..when FXHome extended the current license by 60 days it made it a "no need" situation to upgrade...in fact I couldn't. I had to wait for the pushed back release date of version 12....which pushed me out of the past sales update routine. Oh well..there is always Thanksgiving 2019

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    See if you can stack the "coupon" on top of the "upgrade discount."

    For the record the "upgrade discount" is based on whatever add-ons you purchased (partial rebate of your add-on buys), but, if you have a coupon you might be able to use both?

    Unfortunately end of Feb isn't the best time to take the plunge. That's just based on sale pricing. Best time for Hitfilm purchases are around the July 4 sale and around the Winter Holidays. 

    @GrayMotion now I'm 99% sure that if one has an upgrade license one could purchase another "extension" year tacked on to one's existing license at any time. Just for sake of discussion let's assume this July 4th sale is 25% perhaps you jump on HF12 then. Perhaps next November is another 25% sale. I think if one shifted to HF12 in July 2019 and bought another year in Nov 2019 one's license would extend to July 2021. Dunno if anyone would do that, but I think that's how it works. @GavinBarker can you confirm? 

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    I know that, at least for add-ons you cant stack a coupon code over a discount/sale. I imagine its probably the same for buying something other stuff from FXHOME. Indecently, you can also only apply one coupon/voucher to your order at a time. 

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    Just quickly poking my head in here, @Triem23 is right in that if you decided to purchase a license on July 2019, then realised you were likely to continue to use HitFilm way past the initial 12 months and wanted to capitalize on a November sale...your licenses would stack, and you wouldn't be nullifying your exiting 12 months by purchasing another 12 :) 


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