The Witch Hunter chronicles

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This is a very short video of something much bigger that I have always wanted to do. I’m not that well verse with 3D stuff so this is just me tinkering and hitting my computer in frustration and getting something I like out of it lol. 


  • Stargazer54
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    @maui9 Your skills continually improve.  Good stuff with the time stretch/bullet sequence!

    But I do have a nitpick.  It was a little disturbing to see you shoot first (and at a child).  The motivation just wasn't there to justify that action.   Perhaps better to have her put your character in mortal peril first.

  • Xhan47
    Xhan47 Website User Posts: 148

    Love the door exploding part.

  • maui9
    maui9 Website User Posts: 84

    @stargazer54 thank you, in the video she’s Voldemort’s daughter and I am a take no names Witch Hunter. I do understand the shooting first thing though and sorry if it bother you. In the next video I will try to actually explain his anger towards people with ablilities and what’s happening in the wizardly world.

    @xhan47 hehe that’s actually how the video started. I wanted to try to do a door explosion. After it came out well I took a story I wrote a while back and made the video. 

    Here is the break down of the video 



  • Xhan47
    Xhan47 Website User Posts: 148

    @Maui9 Cool.

    Sweet, thanks.



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