Mocha plugin and how copying to clipboard actually works (if it works at all)

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I am not sure if I am missing something, but from the very first day I use Mocha in HitFilm I still wonder how "Copy to clipboard" actually works when you export your shape or tracking data. Is there any way to paste it in the HitFilm project?

What I dislike the most is every time I track something in Mocha I need to save it as a file, import it into HitFilm, copy the created layers, and paste them back into the composite shot it all originated from. For projects that have multiple composite shots this becomes a mess in the Media panel (and on the file system).


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    Later versions of mocha paste it directly into the layer in Hitfilm, but for performance this is actually a very bad thing.  Mocha's plugin handles masks incredibly slowly, and you can't copy them, add to them, invert them etc. all of which you can do with Hitfilm's own masks, which you get when you export them from mocha in the way you don't like doing.

    Well, that way isn't that hard, nor does it need to clutter things up. You load in the .hfcs file that mocha creates, open up the comp, find the mask, cut'n'paste it to the comp layer you wanted it on, then go back and delete everything you just loaded from the media bin.  It'll run faster, the masks are more versatile and you can also go back and delete the mocha plugin itself later, because that drags everything down as well, even when it's not actually doing anything, so as soon as it's done the job: get rid of it, or at the very least, disable it.

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    The approach you proposed is what I have been doing so far, but this is really slow when you need to track a few simple objects and you have 100 other tasks on your list.

    As for coyping into clipboard, my question is fundamentally why the button exists if it doesn't work. If it worked I could avoid both having to save, load, delete files, and having the Mocha plugin create the mask for me in the layer I work in. Sometimes I want different masks from the same source clip for different layers. The assumption that I need only one matte as a result is wrong.

    Let me give an example: I have a footage shot on a green screen and the space was very small and didn't allow us to have a perfectly lit green screen. I needed to have two types of mattes: one that is a garbage matte and another one that tells the Chroma Key effect to retain the mask (e.g. a small green object in the frame).

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    The copy to clipboard is an option that BorisFX should have removed from Hitfilm mocha because it does nothing and never has done in Hitfilm.

    Do your tracking, close mocha and your mask is automatically applied to the layer. Open up the plugin and turn the mask on. But you can't do anything else with it, or copy it to another layer; so the older, export way is better. May be slower, but it's so much faster when running and versatile (cut'n'paste it) that you get back the extra time getting it into Hitfilm 100x over the life of the project. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

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     Thank you. I'll probably continue to do it the old way with the export, but definitely copying to clipboard will be a great time saver.

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    As a side note the "Clipboard" function is Mocha is Ae only. Not Premiere, not Avid, Vegas, FCPX or any other host. Only Ae can read the clipboard. 

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    Ah, I see. Thanks for the information.

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