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     I think some of the restrictions might be down to the QT infrastructure that Hitfim is sitting on (that's not Quicktime, BTW).

    Not sure what it's capable of, but we may be in a "You can't get there from here..." situation. Hitfilm may have to back up a long way and take a detour to get to where the framework can handle some of the things we'd like it to be able to do. So that's two steps backwords and one step forwards; a net loss for a while.

    Would be nice if the devs explained some of their reasoning or the restrictions or plans for future changes/never-going-to-happens. It's not like there is some other software company out there that's just sitting and waiting to go "Aha! That's a great idea, I'll add that first and steal all of Hitfilm's ideas and make our own version to compete with them".

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    @ JMcAllister "The main issue here is less the lack of markers, but more the (that) everything-stops-playback."

    So yeah, I think that is the crux of the biscuit. 

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    @JMcAllister @Stargazer54 I'd agree. 

    Ironically Hitfilm stopping playback on Editor actions makes it easier to use the workarounds since one would drag the new plane or create the text keyframe at the stopped playhead.. 

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    jsbarrett, I understand your point more clearly now.  It is all good!  Thank you for taking the time to explain.

    For my crappy short horror films, which are usually between 3 to 8 minutes, I can do without markers, but still prefer them for organization and quick access to certain sections of the overall video timeline.  Conversely, for longer projects and music videos, markers play a major role in my workflow.

    The said situation became magnified when I was planning to edit a 30 minute low-budget horror short film for an acquaintance's movie studio in HitFilm Pro.  The lack of markers was not the only issue, but a lot of little things added up to make HitFilm Pro's editor less than feasible for the project.  I will probably use Davinci Resolve Studio, as I have owned the paid version before discovering HitFilm Pro, or rent a month of Lightworks Pro, which I have been testing lately, to complete the final video edit later this month.

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    Yeah, late reply but my complain was purely for the purpose of synchronizing audio. I have very little use for section markers, composites, planes and points are plenty ways to organize content.

    In After Effects I'd just have to set a couple of filtered wave files as the parameter source for my effects and I'd be done, something that'd take me a minute or two to figure out once I'm used to it. In Vegas I'd tap M while listening to the song, then convert those markers to keyframes. It's less precise but it gets the job done in a couple minutes. I made an experiment once and realized I had about 300 keyframes for a 2min30 song. I'm in there for at least an hour if I want to do that animation in Hitfilm. I'm a programmer, I often spend hours writing code to automate tasks I do twice a year just so I no longer have to do them. Manually doing a task that could easily be automated for an hour would make me lose my sanity.

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    I has been almost 8 years and a much requested, convenience feature is not there in the software.

    Kind of a shame if you think about it. 

    Reigniting thread in 2019. Still only inconvenient and time taking workarounds. 

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    @ChillTymeTV Have you made your wishes known in the wishlist thread? Bumping this one is fine, but the wishlist is the preferred place for new requests and +1s of existing requests.

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    @CleverTagline I just noticed that and that is already on top of the list in the Timeline list. Should I still comment there? 

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    @ChillTymeTV An item's placement on that list you saw doesn't necessarily indicate importance (or lack thereof). It's just a raw list of all requests. Definitely comment there, even if it's only to say "+1 for adding timeline markers." If you have specific reasons why adding markers would improve your workflow, say that too. Every little bit helps!

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    I just purchased HitFilmPro. I use markers to sync video to audio beats all the time in EDIUS. Pity I didn't read this forum first, I could have saved myself some money. I can't believe markers are not available in a "Pro" product and that people have been waiting 8 YEARS and the feature is still not available. I just took it for granted a simple feature like this would be available in a "Pro" product.

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    Keep adding your request to the Wishlist page.  I'm sure its on the list for the Devs, but they do look there.  The more markers are requested the more weight it will get.

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    @wkiess01 Also keep in mind that HitFilm has always been FX first, editor second. Yes, the editor does get some love now and then (like the ability to natively add text in the Editor timeline in v12), but the biggest focus in HitFilm has always been—and will likely always be—the VFX side.

    Yes, it has "Pro" in its name, but honestly, what does that mean? Personally, I feel it's just a method of indicating that it's got more features than the version labeled "Express." It doesn't necessarily mean that every single one of its features are going to be "pro", if that even means anything because I don't believe there's a definitive list anywhere that outlines which video editing features are "pro" features and which aren't. Some might consider compositing in general to be a "pro" feature, but it's in HitFilm Express, so complaining about what is/isn't in HitFilm Pro simply because it's named "Pro" is pointless.

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    Talked about how much I would like markers in a survey today, and bumping this topic as well.  The way vegas does markers is my favorite but I'll settle for how after effects does it.  But for the way I work I need them if I'm ever going to take the editor portion seriously, and they would be very useful in comps and for me anyway almost necessary for the trimmer.

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    Luckily, they have confirmed markers "absolutely and definitely will happen"

    41 minutes in for the relevant quote from Josh.

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    @Dimipapa nothing wrong with re-Wishlisting this and keeping a discussion open! I note in the last FXHOME livestream Josh did say markers would be in a future version of Hitfilm. When? That, he didn't say, but markers are probably a large enough change to be a "full-number" update, so it certainly won't be a 12.x change. 

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    GLAD THEY ARE DOING IT.  But trimmer too please, and les glad about the timeline.

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    How do I set markers in 14.2?
    I cannot find how to do this, even in the reference manual.

  • DimipapaDimipapa Website User Posts: 291 Enthusiast

    are there markers now?  I don't think it has happened yet.

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    Oh, I figured since the linked video from above is from a year ago and Triem23 noted that it will not be in 12.x (and the current version is 14.x) that it should be implemented already.

    As a workaround: Is there any way to set keyframes during playback without having the video stop? That way snapping would not work but one could at least align effects or videos manually at previously set keyframes.

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    @Tromse unfortunately we are quite a small team and must prioritise features for updates, but rest assured that this is something we are looking at for the future.

    In response to your question: unfortunately you cannot change elements of your video during playback.

  • TromseTromse Website User Posts: 4

    That is unfortunate.
    Thanks for your response though! 
    Stay safe!

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    Sometimes if i want something i can snap something to I will create a plane, shrink it down, make it invisible and position it where i want on the timeline, this kind of functions like a makeshift marker.

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