Ignite Pro Crashing Renders with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

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I would like to know if anyone else is having problems rendering with Ignite Pro using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019. Basically, after Adobe  updated all its software, including Premiere and Media Encoder in late 2018 to produce the 2019 version, Ignite Pro started to give me all sorts of problems during rendering. It happens within Premiere Pro as well as when sending the render to Media Encoder. I started to notice the problem with the chroma key plugin, but more recently I have been having problems with other Ignite plugins such as ripple. The error code given is 512. I asked Hitfilm support for advice, and they think that it has to do with me and my system, not something real to Ignite. But I am not convinced. I have read all sorts of suggestions dealing with error code 512, and none of them apply to my situation. The problem even happens when I try to output all the frames as jpeg files. The final render crashes. I look at this forum, but it seems like most everyone is using other NLE programs. I have been forced to drop all use of Ignite, and I am probably one of the longest and most faithful Ignite and Hitfilm users. I even teach a course using HitFilm Express at Emory. But this is a troublesome issue for me. I am convinced it is not something on my end of the system. But I cannot prove it, of course. There will need to be other users who run into the same problem, which is why I am asking here. I have been forced to switch to Primatte Studio and BCC plugins for all my work. I like the Ignite plugins a lot. The chroma key plugin, for example, really gives amazing results, and I have used a lot of keyers. So if any of you have any problems using Ignite with Adobe Premiere, latest versions on everything, please post. My system is Windows 10, all updates, i7 4790k, 32 gigs of ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 gigs ram, and no problems with any other programs. I only do video with this machine, so I don't have a lot of stuff on it that could complicate things. Also, the problems occur with and without using the graphics card for processing/rendering.


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    I'm currently working for a post production company that does TV, so yes.I am a Premiere user who's running Ignite 2017 on both 2019 & 2018 versions, and have faced 0 issues at work.

    That being said, it should be noted that Premiere, while being most mainstream is not free from its own share of bugs. *coughs* LUMETRI * coughs coughs*

    Forgive me if I ask a typical moderator question but is your GPU driver upto date?

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    About the driver for the GPU, yes. I update everything always. The problems started with the most recent Adobe updates. I should also mention that recent updates with other systems are starting to cause different problems that are unrelated to the Ignite problem. For example, the most recent update for Windows 10 has made it so that it is difficult, and maybe impossible, for at least some systems to play some Panasonic Lumic GH5 files, recorded with either mov or mp4 containers. I have tried this on three completely different and unconnected computers. It just started last week after the major Windows updates. But Premiere can read the files fine, so I am not seriously plagued by this new thing since once I import the files into Premiere, I can edit without problems. The main problem is that updates of all sorts often cause problems, and the problems may or may not be connected with or to certain hardware features. It is like a needle in a haystack problem. Ultimately, the software engineers need to fix this, and this will mean the Ignite designers will have to figure out what is causing the problem with certain hardware configurations.

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    The problem has been solved.  Willing to go the extra mile since I have been such a strong supporter of Hitfilm and Ignite, last week I decided to start from scratch. I reformatted my program drive (C:) with external and fresh Windows 10 media (DVD, from Microsoft web site). Then I reinstalled the Adobe products that I use, such as Premiere and Photoshop, etc. Then I installed the latest version of Ignite (version 4). Then I tried using Ignite chroma key, which had caused so much troubles previously, and I rendered with Media Encoder. EVERYTHING WENT PERFECTLY. There were no crashes. The renders came out very nice.

    The problem remains of trying to figure out which of the elements needed fixing. Was it Windows, Adobe, or Ignite, since I used new versions of everything? Moreover, my Windows installation was an upgrade from Windows 8, and I always had suspicions with that. So, I do not think I will ever know what caused the problem.

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    I have to update this. The problem is not solved, but it also does NOT seem to be an Ignite issue. After doing everything I described above, including reinstalling Windows 10 from fresh media, updating and reinstalling Ignite and Adobe Premiere and Media encoder, I rendered one short file using Media Encoder and it seemed to work.  But I have been struggling to repeat that temporary success for over a week now. I even bought a new Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 2060 graphics card. The problem is that Media Encoder hangs when rendering. I have since found out that this is a new and widespread problem with Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder for the 2019 update. The problem completely goes away with the 2018 version. But I have reformatted everything and I no longer have the 2018 version on my main video computer, and the new files can't go back to the old version since they were edited with the 2019 version. For those interested in this problem, here is a thread on the Adobe web site that is discussing this issue. The thread is very intelligently probing for the answers. 


    My temporary solution is to render from within Adobe Premiere CC while turning the CUDA off, so I am only using software rendering engine, which slows things down considerably, but at least I get the files rendered. It seems to be working with Ignite. I have been dead in the water for over a week now. 

    I also want to report that the problem also exists when using Boris FX Primatte Studio for chroma keying. So it is not a problem limited to only Ignite. The problem is with Adobe. Sometimes renders can work, but it is more typical for them to hand when using and Nvidia CUDA graphics card. No one seems to have any idea if Adobe is working on a solution to this, or if they even know about the problem.

    Finally, the problem seems to exist on the level of editing as well. If I have the CUDA turned on, Premiere hangs eventually when jumping from place to place to do edits. The problem can be dealt with by restarting the machine (not just Premiere) and then editing for awhile before the hang hits again. Again, this affects the 2019 version of Premiere. So if anyone still has the 2018 version on their computer, don't delete it yet.


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