Action Pro 1.0 Release Candidate RC1

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Hey all,

I'm happy to share with you Release Candidate 1 for Action Pro 1.0.

The software has changed radically since the last beta which is why it has taken some time. Please review the changes here >

Some cool things include the new modifiers, the better timeline, importing of CSV files and the creation of basic shapes inside the software (more on that in the future). We're also ready and waiting for the Action Pencil app on iOS devices which we're about to submit to the App Store.

Your old beta files are no longer compatible (we needed to move forward I'm afraid) but you've got tons of extra functionality, and you should be able to see the direction the software is going in.

Support for Leap Motion is currently disabled - while they've kept updating their Windows APIs, Mac support has stopped - we're faced with dropping the Mac and moving Windows to the most up-to-date Leap APIs which will take some time.

We'll likely have a couple of RC builds before launching the final version of Action Pro 1.0.

I am looking forward to your feedback.


  • Palacono
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     The Uninstaller is named a little unusually: FXHome - Action Pro - The easy-to-use motion capture software.

    I had to sort installations by Date to find it. Reason: Win 7 no longer supported.

  • IamJoshuaDavies
    IamJoshuaDavies Staff Administrator Posts: 359 Staff

    I'll check this out, thanks for the report.

  • Strings123
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    I will pay you $50 personally to get Leap Motion working on PC, plus buy the software. Spend it on beer, glitter, cereal, a new dog collar, donate to KARS Kids for Kars, or even make a bra out of it. It's yours!

    I know it's a pain. I can create a demo that will SELL it to others. Not only is it exactly what people want for action vehicles, craft, and flying superheroes, but it will enable a new era of complicated comedy.

    I just created a 1 minute intro into a project, and what I want to do I just really can't do straightforward. I need to apparently draw my Z axis separate and import in sync with the X and Y recordings. Give me a Leap Motion that gives rotation (or a phone gyro mode giving rotation as well as position) and I'll pay you and extra $5 just because I'm nice. (I'm not. I don't like people, computers, or barking dogs. But I play nice on the internets.)

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