Adobe Premiere 2018 & 2019 hangs on opening.

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I have a Windows 10 system with RTX 2080 TI and 128 GB Ram.


I'm trying to open Adobe Premiere but it hangs on AlphaBrightnessContrast.aex when loading plugins upon opening.  When I uninstall Ignite Pro it Premier opens up no problem but as soon as I reinstall IgnitePro plugins Premiere hangs on opening at same place on same AlphaBrightnessContrast.aex.  Anyone no a work around. 


I've tried opening premiere with Preferences turned off and I've tried reinstalling Premiere a few times and reinstalling Ignite Pro but same thing always happens.  I even rolled back my windows Install to 1709 version from 1809 and same thing happens.


  • It's hanging when loading the Ignite Plugin 

    Matte enhancement

    • Alpha Brightness & Contrast
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    I have problems as well, but not when loading. It crashes when rendering when using some Ignite plugins. I have tried chroma key and ripple, but then stopped using all Ignite plugins until the problems are sorted out. It crashes the render when using Premiere or Media Encoder.

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    Try Ignite in another host maybe, and see if you run into the same problem in order to help narrow it down?

    I've been using Ignite right alongside Sapphire in Resolve with no problems so far.

  • Looks likesome of the Ignite Pro plugins were conflicting with our video card.  We have 2 systems with the RTX NVIDA 2080 TI and after a few driver reinstalls the it stopped hanging on the  plugin load in premiere 

  • CourtneyBrown
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    My problems with Ignite have been solved.  Willing to go the extra mile since I have been such a strong supporter of Hitfilm and Ignite, last week I decided to start from scratch. I reformatted my program drive (C:) with external and fresh Windows 10 media (DVD, from Microsoft web site). Then I reinstalled the Adobe products that I use, such as Premiere and Photoshop, etc. Then I installed the latest version of Ignite (version 4). Then I tried using Ignite chroma key, which had caused so much troubles previously, and I rendered with Media Encoder. EVERYTHING WENT PERFECTLY. There were no crashes. The renders came out very nice.

    The problem remains of trying to figure out which of the elements needed fixing. Was it Windows, Adobe, or Ignite, since I used new versions of everything? Moreover, my Windows installation was an upgrade from Windows 8, and I always had suspicions with that. So, I do not think I will ever know what caused the problem.

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    @CourtneyBrown In-place upgrades of the OS are always problematic.  Best to do what you just did and do a clean install.  And it doesn't matter what your software package is under Windows.  Over time the registry will become cluttered and cause inefficiencies in the OS.  The act of Installing and re-installing packages can mess with the registry because some packages never cleanly install.  There are all sorts of "free" registry cleaners, but you want to avoid those because many contain malware.

    Your best defense, once you have your system the way you want it, is to make a restore point and not install superfluous or un-trusted software from that point forward.  An edit system is a special use case and using it as your everyday "I'll just load any old thing" computer is not a good combination (not to say that was the issue in your case).  Just words to the wise.

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