Airsoft Montage - "Operation"

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So this is another Airsoft montage I worked on in Hitfilm Pro and I just wanted to get your thoughts, this fast paced compared to "Timeless"


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    Very good energy and editing. I like the cuts from action to somebody saying "Hello".

    I have no experience cutting things like this together so take these as uninformed comments...
    Little things :
    - The music was a good fit but the lyrics didn't work for me except 01:41 where "get down" matched the action (literally). I'm not suggesting every lyric needs an associated action but I found myself listening to the lyrics more than watching the visuals.
    -At 01:04 I was desperate to see the scene down that scope.
    Bigger thing :
    I had no sense of any objective. I know this isn't a story and these aren't actors but if you could have shown how the game mapped out : the objective, the strategy, the tactics, any ad-hoc stuff, the finale and then the aftermath (people having a smoke and drink while swapping war/game stories ) it might have taken me with you a little more.

    p.s. I know it's a different thing but maybe put it together like a Squad Ops/Post Scriptum operation (check out Karmakut or the Squad Ops channel).


  • Hahaha, the name of the operation cracked me up. Pretty cool editing and pace, but I agree with DafterThings about not having a sense of objective. For people like me that don't know almost anything about Airsoft, it is cool to watch but not compelling enough to keep my short attention span. If there would be some structure like he mentioned, with the objective, tactics and such, I think it would be more interesting. 

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    +1 to the comments about needing a stronger purpose/objective/story to this piece. Your effects and transitions are effective, but those things aren't going to pull us along and engage us.

    I also disagree with your statement that this is fast-paced compared to Timeless (which I just watched for the first time; somehow missed it when it came through initially). Yes, the music is more energetic than what's in Timeless, but if you mute the sound of both and just watch the video, it's about the same. There are a handful of shots in this piece with greater energy, but they're outnumbered by shots with a fairly still camera. When you're in those moments yourself, I'm sure you're feeling more of the energy and intensity of the battle, but those same moments captured by the camera can feel pretty bland. Example: the shot from 1:04-1:09. Watch it with no sound. The camera barely moves, and the focal point of the shot is a mystery. Only after watching that shot full-screen just now (after watching several times in its smaller forum-embedded size) did I see the guy hitting the ground on the far left of the frame. However, he's in the dark, and that darkness is largely created by your vignette. So not only is he in a spot where we're not likely to look for something important, but your visual treatment is now working against you by making him hard to see.

    Putting high-energy music over visuals that don't match that energy won't make the whole thing feel more energetic. Simply cutting more quickly would help. Adding shots that actually contain more movement and drama will also help. Picking shots where the focus is clear and not potentially-hidden on the frame edges won't help the energy, but it'll definitely help the clarity, and both energy and clarity are needed to raise the interest level in this piece.

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    I forgot I even posted this to be honest and yes, I agree as well  haha, this video is not the best and it's essientially pointless however I believe that I have done a better job in my new one momentum if you guys would like to have a look?