Super Sayan Guitar Solo

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I got this footage from the last rehearsal with my band and tried to go "over nine thousaaaand" with it. Any ideas on how to make it more Dragon Ball Z like?
Sorry for the lame audio quality, my cam's mic didn't handle the loudness very well.


  • Kiplake
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    Great shredding. As a fellow guitarist, I salute you. I'm thinking that maybe using the particle simulator to make it look like everything is flying up from the ground may look like your power is over 9000. Or any animation of debris falling and run in reverse in front of your footage.

  • CleverTagline
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    First off, mad props on your guitar skills. :bows:

    So, how to take this up a notch? Well, the static camera isn't helping, so perhaps pick selected moments to do an artificial zoom in/out. Something snappy that matches the energy of the music.

    Another idea would be to take a few moments when you're really shredding and add even more effects, things that spotlight your finger work. ProductionCrate has some fun anime-style effects that might be fun to use. Some things would require masking around your fingers, but the end result may be worth it.

    Something else is to be more selective with the application of your existing effects. Right now, the effects on the strings are always on. For the entire shot. They wiggle and flash and whatnot, but an always-on effect that is intended to spotlight something ends up reducing the intended spotlight because there's no contrast. Maybe start the shot with no effects when things are more casual, then after about four seconds when you get into your solo, start dialing up the line treatments selectively. Have them all on at some times, all off at others, maybe individual lines turning on as you play certain riffs, etc.

    As a musician, you know about the power of contrast. Fast vs slow, high vs low, etc. Build that contrast into your use of effects, and tell a story with them.