What to do with 1-hour film I've made? And how to promote short film?

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So I'm making a medium-length film. It'll probably be around 40-50 minutes. I'm going to post it on Youtube. To me, it's not about reaching a wide audience to make tons of money. In fact, I don't care about money. But, I wouldn't mind views.

Before I ask my questions, I know short films are best around 10 mins or less. Please don't repeat this to me. I know. I will be making a ten-minute short film after this, but to start I'm making this medium-length film. I'm not doing this for money or fame, I just wanted to make a movie. But, I wouldn't mind some views with it, so, here we go:

How can I promote my film well? I've set up a website for my studio (www.friesenfilms.weebly.com), a Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for it, and we (my team and I) post pretty regularly (except for the Youtube channel, that'll just be for trailers and the movie itself). What can I do specifically to boost my views? My Facebook and Twitter get basically no views, but the Instagram account has almost 200 followers, which isn't a lot, but a small start. Is there anything I can do to get a lot of followers in the next few months? I think when we release the trailer in a few months we'll get a few more followers, views, etc., but in the meantime what can I do?

Second question: is there anything I can do with a 40-minute film other than post to Youtube? LIke any different platforms, or festivals for films that length? I know festivals tend to prefer short films, but I'm just wondering if there's anything specifically for medium length ones.



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    HollyShorts might consider it. At least HollyShorts wouldn't reject it for length, AFAIK.

    It sounds like you're going about gaining followers pretty well; you just need to continue persisting. Find film-related FB groups and be active there, and also join forums similar to this one, and include a link to your site in your signature on each forum. That also helps to get you views, especially if you write things that interest people, which does include asking questions, so you don't have to be an expert to be a productive contributor (i.e. do the same sort of thing you're doing here). Certainly stay active here, just expand your circle a bit and engage other forums also.

    That will get you a start. If you keep at it, keep publishing content (even announcements like hey, we got our location for Billy Bob's bedroom locked in! is worth posting on your blog and that sort of thing. 

    Trailers certainly... and don't hide the fact that you're a newbie in high school. You're asking questions instead of pretending to be an expert, which is why you're getting so much advice here. It's what forums are for; everyone's here learning together, and asking question is a great way to learn (better than going to film school these days). 




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    +1 to the tips from @WhiteCranePhoto . You say you aren't using your YouTube channel for anything but the trailer and the film itself, but perhaps you should consider changing that approach. To gain followers, people need to know what you're doing, which means you need to start talking about your film now.  Look at what filmmakers like Film Riot, RocketJump, etc. do leading up to their really big projects. Week after week, they talk about it, post short behind-the-scenes snippets and other teaser elements, and just get the word out across all channels. Use your various accounts to do the same thing. As you shoot, look for shots that could act as teasers. Even stills of the actors would work for some situations. I can't recall if you're doing a fundraiser for this, but even if you aren't, consider making a Kickstarter-style "here's the project we're making" promo video.

    What specifically can you do to boost your views? Build a track record of sharing engaging content that people want to see.  Just like a good trailer encourages people to watch a film, the right teaser material will encourage people to look forward to your trailer.

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    @CleverTagline I forgot to mention—I will be posting videos showcasing behind the scenes and development of the movie.