Very much hoping that Pro 12 will still run on Win 7

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What the thread title says.

Very much hoping that Pro 12 will still run on Win 7.

Nervous as to when the "relationship" will finally 'go south'.




  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    SInce Microsoft has officially end-of-lifed Win7, don't count on it. You might be lucky, but there are OS features in Win10 that will never exist in Win7 which HitFilm may use, in which case you'll have to move up.

  • Triem23
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    I believe the first Win7 related issue has been discovered. Minimize buttons aren't always working with Hitfilm. This is an OS change and not something that's FXHOME's fault.

    Unfortunately, since Win7 is end-of-life it really is logical for FXHOME to drop Win7 support, even if Win 8 and 10 are big ugly messes.

  • Palacono
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    @Triem23 Seriously? Win10 changed so that programs written to work on it stop having working Minimise/Restore buttons when that UI runs on Win 7? What's that smell?

    Hitfilm's never used the bottom pixel on a screen, so you always see the desktop behind it even when when it's full screen (task bar hidden), and a default, misplaced, UI 'Close' button shows up momentarily when you attempt to click on Minimise or Restore over the new smaller shell versions, so it looks like an alignment and/or scaling issue under the shell's hood. QT's fault is more likely than Microsoft's.

    Haven't yet found a similar issue with anything else, so I hope <shrug> isn't the official response.

  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    You do know what "end of life" means in the software world, right? It means it's dead. Supporting Windows 7 today is a lost cause now. Most things will work, but sooner or later something in DirectX or CUDA or OpenGL that will never get ported back to the now dead OS that will stop software from working in it.

    It's called "progress." Something we all have to get used to.

  • silar
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    @WhiteCranePhoto took the words from my mouth.  It's like trying to make sure I can still run it on Windows XP, or 95, or 3.1.  They are all dead, as is Windows 7.  Developers are only going to develop for operating systems which are active.  I personally have had no issues with Windows 10.  I run it in my recording studio, and multiple PC's in my home office and a couple laptops.  There are some tweaks you can do that make it extremely stable and fast and honestly, so far, it's the most stable OS I've used by far.  Of course I know not everyone is a tech nerd like me, but if you do a little looking, you can find all kinds of videos and guides to help optimize the OS to reach it's full potential.  I know there are still people out there that think if they go to Windows 10 they will be constantly spied on by Microsoft, but you can turn all that stuff off.

  • NormanPCN
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    Minimize/Maximize has not changed since NT 3.1 from anything I have seen. By that I mean my code has been doing the same thing with those events since that time/era and it has never had a problem on any OS from then to now. Actually most of the "Windows" core API has not changed since that period. 

    Hitfilm is not a Windows *GUI* app if you catch my meaning. It is a Qt GUI app. So this GUI function is not likely within FxHome code/control but likely within Qt.

    edit: Given the report it makes me wonder if Qt is trying to do an owner drawn title (non client) areas of the window. Or just faking their own. The later is easy but maybe less "integrated" with respect to the OS. The former gets funky as Windows has gotten very persnickety about drawing to, operating in, the non client areas of a window in recent versions. 8+ or maybe 7+.



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