Can't seem to export video project as a single project

I've watched a few youtube videos on exporting a video... I didn't think it would be so hard.

In the videos I've watched, there have been to little extra buttons in the lower left corner above the little magnet (snapping) icon.  I don't have those two extra buttons for some reason.  I am using express 4, just downloaded it a couple days ago.  It has been registered.

I go to the export tab in the upper right area...  Under the project tab there is a list of various files, what seem to be clip files from my media tab where I was bringing in source material to work from to add to my time line.

I thought that actual saved file would come up as you know, a single video file??  What's going on and what do I do?

I figured I would try to export what I've done so far to see if it plays as choppy once exported as it does in playback.  Glad I chose to do this now and not later when I had invested days of work.


Please help?


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    The Export Queue changed six months ago. This means many of the videos on Export are incorrect, since they are for older versions of the software. 

    The video linked above is the most current on the Export Queue. Watch that first, then if you have further questions, ask em here. 

    Oh, you don't have Hitfilm 4 Express  You're on v.11

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     what the heck is this?? can you not save the movie you spend so much time on as a movie?? you can only save it in pieces or something??  What's the point of that?  I've gone from confused to frustrated and disappointed :(

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    15 seconds into the video. Export contents. Exports the entire timeline.

  • Triem23
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    You have not correctly understood the Hitfilm workflow or the tutorial. 

    Presumably you have edited your "movie" on the Editor Timeline. The Editor Timeline is where you assemble a number of clips into a single show/program/movie.

    You may have Composite Shots. A Comp is intended as a single shot to be edited in the Editor Timeline. 

    If you have not assembled all your comps on the Editor Timeline, you need to do this. 

    From the Editor Timeline you will:

    • Move to the first frame of your movie, and press "I" to set the In Point.
    • Move to the last frame of your movie and press "O" to select the Out Point.
    • Click the Export Button at the top right of the Layer Panel and select In/Out Points.
    • Click the button to go to the Export Screen.
    • IGNORE the top-left panel. This lists all comp shots in your project if you need to render multiple comps as separate files. That's not what you're trying to do  
    • Your Editor Timeline is queued up in the lower left panel. You should see an underlined drive location. Click this to choose the output folder and set a filename (otherwise your movie will just be named "Editor"). 
    • The top-right panel is the presets for output type. For now just select the YouTube preset for 1080 or 4k and drag it to the lower left panel. 
    • Hit the Export button at the bottom left. 

    Your entire movie will export. 

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     Cheers! Thank you!

  • all the presets in export have locks on them and it is activated. how do i unlock them so i can export my videos again?

  • When i click export, when im done my project. it is not showing any items or my project at all in the export box area for me to click on to export it at all. the other version of hitfilm never did this to me. it always exported fine. now im stuck and cant do anything. thanks for you help

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    @TinyHouseLifeWhich specific version of HitFilm Express are you using? Click on the app title in the upper-left corner when HitFilm is open. A dialog will appear showing the version, followed by "Licensed to:" and your username and email address. If your username and email don't appear there, then it's possible that HitFilm somehow got deactivated, and you'll need to activate it again.

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