[RESOLVED] Motion Blur on composite makes export fail

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My exports on a project kept failing at 45%, and after some trial and error I found out it's because of the motion blur effect on the animation. With it on, fails every time. With it off, exports fine. 

I was trying to reproduce Shiny Film's Text Reveal tutorial, and when you right click the composite image and click "motion blur" and try to export it, it'll stop at 45%, turn red, and tell you there's a problem. 

I'm new to editing, and to your software, so this could be user error but the motion blur seems to be the only thing causing the problem. Removing the underlaying video had no effect. 

My setup: 

-Windows 10 home x64

-Radeon RX 480

-AMD Fx 8350 @ 4GHz

-16 GB Ram

-Current version of Hitfilm Express

Its not a big deal, but I thought I'd report it. 


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    Do you have motion blur active for any other elements in your project? One thing to keep in mind with motion blur is that it essentially renders multiple versions of the layer, then blends them all together. This is a long-shot wild guess, but depending on the resolution of your project and the motion blur settings on the comp, all the renders needed for the motion blur may be taxing your GPU. However, a quick look at your GPU's specs leads me to think that's unlikely, but then again I'm not a GPU wizard, so perhaps I'm wrong.

    I took a look at the tutorial you mentioned, and noticed that motion blur isn't used in the demo, so perhaps you can get away without using it. If you want to have motion blur, though, you might consider cheating it using other blur effects, like Angle Blur, Zoom Blur, etc. I'll do this sometimes when the built-in motion blur doesn't quite give me the look I want.

  • Ah, I think I might have figured it out. The whole animation gets motion blurred when you just right click the composite shot and add it in the editor, but that means the text, the MASK, and the line all get motion blur when really only the line/text (depending on what's moving) needs it. It was trying to blur the mask, which made the rendering playback go SUPER slow and janky. I moved it to just the line in my new one, works fine. I'm betting that was too much for it to figure out in a timely fashion to export, even for a short clip. 

    Thanks for the tip!

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    You're welcome! Glad to know you got it working!

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