HitFilm Express fails to start/Crashes on opening


So, to start with, I've just downloaded HitFilm Express to try out for myself and to get a feel feel for the learning curve that this software may have.

However, upon starting up the program, all I got was about 3 minutes of waiting and a quick popup of the starting screen for HitFilm before closing out and not appearing again.

I even went ahead and checked my antivirus (Windows Defender) to see if it was being blocked due to some un-reconized file that might've been a virus. This was not the case.

I even checked my task manager, and while HitFilm was shown to be running in the background, it only stuck around for about 30 seconds before closing out on it's own.


Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Core i5-7300HQ

8 Gigs ddr4 memory

GTX 1050 (Mobile) 4 Gigs of Vram

1 Terribyte Hard Drive

(Note: These are the specs, but in a laptop. Dunno if that affects anything)


  • RobRaz
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    Also, I am typing this from my phone atm, so please excuse any grammar errors or duplicate words that I've just now seen


  • CleverTagline
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    I'm a Mac user, so this is a pure wild guess, but by any chance is it either a Dell or Alienware system? If so, check out this page for info on a possible solution:


    Aside from that possibly hiccup point, your specs look pretty good, though I'll happily defer to the more tech-savvy in the crowd if I'm off base.

    Are your graphics drivers up to date? Do you have all essential Windows updates/patches installed?

  • RobRaz
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     I do believe my graphic drivers are up to date, however I try to avoid windows updates due to how it affects a few other programs on my system. But my laptop never seems to take Into account that i turned auto updates  off and still updates windows in the background (annoying but tolerable). So yeah, I appreciate the help, and I'll be sure to check out the fourm you linked to see if the answer might be in there


  • Yosser
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    Rob, did you find a solution to this? I'm having similar problems .



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