Are You Cheap?

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I was grinning like a Cheshire cat recently over an astute purchase I made.
I decided to finally get an Android tablet, and I chose the Toshiba Thrive 8GB model, whilst I'm sure many people would go for the 16 or 32. Especially the 16, because it's "only" $20 more, according to the salesman, who claims to not be on commission, but still tries to "upsell" you, but that's another story.
Since the Thrive has a full size SD slot, and Amazon has a Transcend Class 10 16GB card for $18, I did the calculations, and came to the conclusion that $20, for an extra 8GB was DOUBLE the going rate for flash memory.
And to add insult to injury, that extra 8GB of internal memory would be stuck inside the tablet. Unusable anywhere else.
So I treated myself to a brand spanking new Class 10 SD card that I can stick in my camera too, or use as a general SneakerNet device.
Hahaha, I'm an F'ing genius! A literal F'ing genius! (From the movie: "The Shrink" Kevin Spacey)


  • I was thinking more along the lines, of the Road Runner. But yes indeed you are evilly smart, plus now you have 24 gigs. So that is not being cheap, that is what we call, "Frugal"!!!!
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    I absolutely love how cheap storage has become. SD cards and flash drives are so useful for so many things, and being able to have 16, 32, 64gb in a package so small that you can swallow it, for less than $100 is just amazing. And it's getting smaller, with more capacity, all the time. The future, man... It's a cool place to be.
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    Nice move Budwzr :)
    Cheap storage is fantastic, makes so many excellent things in computing a possibility. Personally I want the price of SSD's to crash, so I can get a decent size one when I rebuild my PC..
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