Fonts on old projects won't reload properly

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Hello, while I'm really happy to see that the latest HF releases have a lot of fixes about fonts handling, I had a not nice surprise today...

I reopened some projects made with earlier versions of HitFilm (probably V8 or V9) and all the text objects have their font reset to Arial.

The proper fonts are installed (I can use them in new projects) but it seems that they are not properly recognized in old projects. Is it a known problem? Now using Hitfilm V11 Pro on Windows 10 Pro.




  • CedricBonnierCedricBonnier Staff Administrator, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 1,192 Staff

    Hi Mario, no it isn't a known issue, could you please send us your project files?

  • mabianmabian Website User Posts: 47

    Hi @CedricBonnier, thank you for your reply.

    Actually, a restart to HitFilm after installing the fonts seems to have solved the font loading issue.

    But now I have found that a text object doesn't load in the correct position. I am opening a ticket to send the relevant files.

    Thanks a lot again,


  • mabianmabian Website User Posts: 47

    I'm repeatedly trying to send a 9.5 MB file and the support form stubbornly insist that the upload exceeds 19.1 MB... what's going on?



  • TobiasWalshTobiasWalsh Staff Administrator Posts: 13 Staff

    Sorry about the file upload problem. I've fixed the limit so it should allow files up to 20MB now. Could you please try opening a new ticket.

  • mabianmabian Website User Posts: 47

    Sorry for the delay too :)

    I've found a simpler case in another project, still happening in version 12.0.

    I just opened ticket XBN-938760, also uploading a project presenting an issue; I am seeing several cases of discrepancies in text size and position handling in latest version compared to version 9 and earlier.

    Hope it's something that can be addressed at software side and won't have to adjust every difference manually.

    Best regards,


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