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    [quote name='Daniel G Wood']Hmm it ought to work on Mac. Can you tell me what browser you were using, and the version?
    I'm using Firefox version 9.0.1. Nothing happens when I click on the "show spoiler" icon... except it "highlights" a little bit when I hover over it. On my PC, using the same browser, it works fine.
    Last movie I saw in theaters was "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows"... and I think it's a big improvement on the excellent first film. The action scenes, in particular, were are much bigger and energetic in scope, yet completely visually coherent. Combine the crazy action with the hilarious banter between Holmes and Watson (Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are fantastic), and you get a very satisfying, entertaining movie experience. Also, Jared Harris is an awesome Moriarty. As anyone who watches "Fringe" can attest, he plays the part of the "intellectually dangerous" villain very well.
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    Jared Harris is an overall amazing actor. He's excellent on Mad Men as well, though he's not villainous in that.
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    The Ghost Writer: 8/10
    Caught this one on regular TV last night, very much enjoyed it. It's a thriller in a more subtle sense than most - rather than endless explosions and shooting, the suspense is carefully built up and there are no silly stunts. Pierce Bronhomme does a good job by doing very little - although his character is central to the story, he doesn't dominate scenes and manages to avoid being a total Blair parody. McGregor does a good job in the lead role, injecting a bit of humour which keeps the film from taking itself too seriously. The score is pretty good, works well with the subtlety of the film. I'd recommend watching this.
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    Haywire - an interesting experiment of a film. I really liked the style and found the whole thing kinda fascinating, while not having any emotional response to it whatsoever. I have no idea what score I'd give it, but I did do a proper podcast review of it here: http://www.itsatrap.co.uk/?p=343
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    Real Steel: 8/10
    Wasn't able to get to this one in theatre, but finally saw it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I expected it to be lots of fun going in, but it turned out to be much stronger in story, and more heartfelt than I had anticipated. But it was still lots of fun. I absolutely love that they used 19 real robots, instead of going completely CGI.
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    Red Tails: 2/10
    I really wanted to like this movie, but I just could not get behind it. From the sometimes bad acting of Cuba Gooding Jr., to the plot holes, and even the CG. I felt the movie could not decide between if it was a comedy, action or drama movie and this lead to it doing a lot of things poorly. As an African American male who loves edgy comedy and who is very hard to offend there were a couple parts which kind of offended me. Some of the characters seemed like charactures. There were plots which went no where, and the CG was nice but they did not blend it so the fake planes stood out as fake because it was too perfect.
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    Underworld Awakening:
    Loved the other movies, really enjoyed the mood and setting the film puts you in. As always, great action and special effects. Was difficult to get "into" this movie though as it was largely filmed at my old Uni.
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    Here in the UK, Film4 are running a Great Directors season, which is an excellent opportunity for me to catch up on some films I really should have seen. Only trouble is the majority are shown waaaaayyy after my bedtime...
    The Wrestler (2008): 9/10
    I must confess I didn't start this one with a particularly open mind. A film about wrestling, with Mickey Rourke? Surely not my thing. How wrong I was! Rourke delivers easily his best performance as the lead character, who you immediately feel for as a burnt-out has been. The film is an excellent look at what happens you hit rock bottom (vague wrestling joke there..), and how it is to be someone whose brutal career is far preferable to taking on normal life. Good stuff.
    The Piano (1993): 8/10
    Melancholy and disturbingly beautiful, this film did take a little getting in to, but I was hooked by the middle. The relationship(?) between the main character and the Piano is made clear from the start, but I personally didn't grasp it until near the end. Strong performances and good direction, even then-child-actor Anna Paquin isn't that annoying.
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    Bullit (1968) 7/10
    I remembered seeing this movie on tv as a kid. Honestly I didn't remember much about it other than the car chase. But it was a classic film and its Steve McQueen, so I picked up the dvd the other day. First impression after re-watching this film as an adult... wow did every movie rip off this one? It was like every cop movie of the 70s and 80s was trying to be Bullit. It made it a bit hard to watch because I kept feeling like I was watching a montage of the best scenes from cop movies. The plot of this film is not the best, the writing is poor, but its Steve McQueen. Basically Steve and the car chase save this film. If you get this movie on dvd like i did, its worth it for the special features ( double disc special edition ) It includes a feature on film editing that is really interesting to watch, I learned a lot from it.
    If you really want to have fun, see how many movies you have seen that have ripped this movie off.
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    Battle LA 8/10 I Love visual effects and action films!!
    Underworld Awakening 9/10 Just a good movie and it is in 3D....!
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    Underworld Awakening - 8.5
    Loved the movie, Big fan of Kate and she looked awesome as always in it.
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    Due to being ill yesterday I managed to watch 3 films back-to-back.
    Videodrome - 7/10 Rewatched this for the first time in a decade. Still a mind-bending classic. James Woods is brilliant.
    Lust, Caution - 9/10 Beautiful period piece from Ang Lee with wonderfully restrained performances.
    Death Proof - 8/10 Expected this to be rubbish after most people's comments on it, but I actually loved it. Very funny, very exciting with some superb stunt work. As with Haywire, this really shows the benefit of casting stunt performers in lead roles.
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    I've watched a lot of movies lately, but not all of them have been worth talking about. I try to only rate movies in this thread that I actually enjoyed.
    Timecrimes: 10/10 - I rewatched this amazing Spanish thriller the other day and it's still as surprising and creative as ever. One of the best recent examples of a time travel plot done correctly. If you're a fan of time travel, you don't want to miss this one.
    Bellflower: 9/10 - This was a surprising one. I didn't really have any clue what it was about before watching it, and I was pretty blown away by how unique it is. It's fresh, gritty, and modern, and uses dirty old lenses to give everything this really grungy feel, likening a personal crisis to a post-apocalyptic wasteland. There are explosions, and fire, and sex, and drugs, and booze, and gore, and some of the most genuine-feeling and realistic performances in recent memory. It's a very modern and timely take on the classic "Boy meets girl"/coming of age story, and I think it's very relatable for people in their mid-to-late twenties. Definitely check it.
    In Time: 7/10 - I really expected to hate this because of Justin Timberlake being the main character, but he actually does a pretty good job. The story is a kind of clever futuristic Bonnie & Clyde affair that mostly works. There are a lot of moments that made me question my decision to watch it, but they're outweighed by the interesting bits. Acting is a mixed bag, dialogue is somewhat on-the-nose at times, but you know, it works. Bonus: Amanda Seyfried is super hot.
    Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie: 6/10 - This is one of those movies that people will probably either hate or love, but mostly hate. I loved it, but I admit that it's ridiculously stupid and terrible. But then, it's Tim & Eric. It's much more like their long-form shorts than their show, which I think is a good thing. Some of the acting is really strange, and I don't particularly think Robert Loggia has any place on film these days, but maybe that was the point, especially considering he's playing "that guy" that he always plays. Overall, there's some really funny stuff in there, mixed with some really stupid inanity. Definitely worth a watch if you're into T&E, though.
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    I've watched a lot of movies lately, but not all of them have been worth talking about. I try to only rate movies in this thread that I actually enjoyed.
    Not seeing the point here. I would think a poor review would be just as valuable as a good review.
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    Not seeing the point here. I would think a poor review would be just as valuable as a good review.
    Posting my thoughts on a forgettable film isn't usually high on my list of priorities, is all. I'd much rather tell people to watch movies that I thought were good, rather than to tell them how much I hated a movie that they may have liked. ;) But it's a fair point, so here you go, some negative reviews from Aculag for a change!
    Real Steel: 2/10 - I really wanted to like this, but I thought it was horrible in almost every way. Points for some cool effects, and the robots, and for having the word "Charlie" appear in the script more often than anything else (Evangeline Lilly must never want to speak that name again). Mindless, clichéd, uninspired dialogue, iffy acting, and probably mostly intended for kids who wouldn't notice. In fact, the dialogue was so bad that I couldn't even finish watching it due to cringing so often.
    Apollo 18: 1/10 - I can't say it was surprising that this was a terrible film, but I didn't expect it to be THAT bad. I give it one point just for that surprise. Astronauts go to the moon and find that CGI space rocks are actually CGI space rock spiders. Some of the worst acting and on-the-nose dialogue I've seen lately. Oh, it also gets a point for using a Yes song, but it loses a point for not playing said song during the end credits, which would have been a welcome relief from the drudgery that preceded it.
    Paranormal Activity 3: 3/10 - After watching the first two movies consecutively, I was hesitant to watch another, which was bound to be more of the same dreck, but I gave in when a co-worker highly recommended it to me. Surprise! More of the same dreck! I admit, there were some pretty nifty effects in this one, and some nice uses of camera angles, as well as some cleverly suspenseful scenes. I might have given it four or five points if the ending hadn't been completely ridiculous and absurd. Please let this be the end to this terrible series.
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    I wonder how many people thought Apollo 18 was a sequel to Apollo 13... I can see them wondering where Apollo 14 through 17 are at
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    Okay, I swear this is my last review for the day. ;)
    Chronicle: 10/10 - This is a seriously fantastic film. It's sort of a teenage wish fulfillment kind of gig, but it goes way deeper than you might think, bringing up a lot of really valid points about superpowers, friendships, abuse, and human nature. I think this is the only time I've ever been in a cinema when the entire audience gasped at a shocking moment. It's very immersive. It has very natural pacing, smart writing, some really great acting (especially from the guy playing Andrew, who reminds me of a young Leonardo DiCaprio), and believable effects. Actually, sometimes the compositing is quite obvious, but it wasn't enough to pull me out of it, just noticeable to someone who notices, I guess. :)
    I think this is the only 2012 movie I've seen so far, so I can't really say "It's my favorite of the year!", but it's probably my new favorite "superhero" movie. I really didn't expect it to be so great. The found footage genre is a bit oversaturated at the moment, but Chronicle does a really excellent job of using the film's subject to the advantage of the cinematography, and without it feeling like a gimmick. If your camera can levitate via telekinesis, who needs a tripod? It helps that the situations, and the interplay between the three leads are all portrayed so realistically. It's one of the only found footage films I've seen that really feels genuine and not like actors performing a script, thanks to that realism, and the emotion and power behind it. You really feel for, and relate to, the characters.
    Go see it. I don't think anyone here would regret it, and I can't recommend it enough.
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    Continuing the Film4 Great Directors season:
    A History of Violence (2005): 7/10
    I've watched parts of this before, but watched the whole thing last night, and quite enjoyed it. It's powerful, violent and subversive in equal measures. Good performance from Aragorn, despite knowing the "twist" with his character, I was still doubting it right up until the reveal.
    The Fly (1986): 9/10
    Sci-Fi/Horror/Romance, done well. Jeff Goldblum is perfect for the role of the introverted, eccentric scientist, his descent into mutation and madness is very well done. FX on the creature hold up well, seems like they are a lot more tactile and gory than any CGI-heavy version could be. Worth a watch if you haven't yet seen it.

    I also re-watched Hurt Locker, Hanna and Tinker Tailor in the last week, they are all still excellent.
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    Red Cliff (2008): 9/10
    In a word, epic. I watched the 2 1/2 hour Western version rather than the 4 1/2 hour asian release, but to be honest it didn't feel long at all. The battle scenes are immense, the best I've seen. The characters are strong and well-developed, perhaps due to the long running time. Most of them are more badass than the entire cast of 300 and LOTR merged together, which helps. Entertaining, grandiose and with good effects.
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    The Grey.... 3/5... there's an after credits scene (just a shot really) that should have been before the credits as it changed the movie for me completely.
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    Chronicle - 7/10 good, entertaining stuff, though not quite as daring as I'd hoped. Still had more visual invention than a handful of Hollywood superhero films put together. I'd certainly like to see the director tackle Fantastic Four with a decent budget, as is rumoured.
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    Chronicle - 6/10 Good, but not great. There was a very generic feel to everything I was seeing - little imagination. The story was also entirely predictable which was a great shame. I didn't really feel any attachment or empathy for the characters either.
    Descendants - 6/10 Solid but overwhelmingly depressing and even a little devoid of emotion compared to what I was expecting.
    The Muppets - 8/10 Much better than I expected and great fun throughout. Added bonus of a Pixar Toy Story short at the beginning which put me in a good mood for the rest of the film.
    Paul - 6/10 Better than I expected it to be although the relationship between Pegg and Frost just felt like a watered down version of Spaced.
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    Drive - 6/10 Slightly disappointed by this after all the glowing reports. It seemed like a rather corny 80s heist movie, run through the filter of a very interesting director. The result was that I really, really, really loved the style but felt there wasn't very much substance. Great style, though.
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    I felt the exact same way about Paul, Joshua- i thought that the relationship between frost and pegg would have been in the same vein as spaced/shaun of the dead/hot fuzz- whilst critics would probably say that the characters were too similiar- the dynamic between them is great and if it works why not keep doing it? As it was, it was pretty entertaining- it just didn't live up to expectation- a shame really. 5/10
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    The Artist - 10/10
    If you haven't seen it yet - [size="7"]GO SEE IT NOW[/size].
    Best film I've seen for years. Fantastic.
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    CHRONICLE: Meh... 7/10
    What was with the ending? What was 'the thing' that gave them powers? Was it something government, hence the cop telling them to stay away when they went bake? Or alien? (My vote: Alien)
    Great premise, good effects... lack-luster ending. Wait for the DVD.
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    Take Shelter: 9/10
    I thought this movie was genius. It's very unsettling, partially thanks to some incredible design and direction, and very much thanks to a stellar performance from Michael Shannon. There's this palpable unease throughout that isn't ever really defined, but I think not knowing exactly what's going on really benefits the film. I was riveted. Very powerful, and clearly very metaphorical. I'm going to need to watch it again ASAP.
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    Ghost rider 2 and it got a 8 out of 10! It was also in 3D so now it gets a 10 out of 10! :D
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    Rise of the Planet of The Apes - 6 out of 10
    I liked the CG in this and the story was alright, but James Franco is hard to accept as the lead. The worse part was his VO - it sounded so foreced and insincere that I cringed.
    Hell and Back Again - 6 out of 10
    This was not what I expected from a lot of the Vimeo clips I saw. I think it's great that director Danfung Dennis shot it all with a DSLR, but there was very little action on the military front.
    Confluence - 9 out of 10
    This is a short doc you can find on iTunes. Great storytelling on some unsolved murders and the B-Roll really helped advance the storyline.
    Apollo 18 - 7 out of 10
    I'm really getting kind of tired of the "Found Footage" genre, but it was done pretty well. The "alien life form" was done well in that the footage is made to be old and static-like that you struggle so get a glimpse of it which is a nice effect.
    Blackthorn - 8 out of 10
    I love westerns and the take on Butch Cassidy NOT dying but assuming the name of Blackthorn to avoid capture. The landscapes and imagery are beautiful and I thought Sam Shepard was great.
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    Ghost Rider 2
    Fun, over-the-top craziness.
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