How to make 3D Objects glow

Hello everyone, i want to make a scene in space with a glowing crystal.

Do i have to animate and add the glowing effect in blender or can i do it in Hitfilm Express 4 too?


  • Andy001z
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    Unless I'm mistaken a simple glow should do the job in HF 

  • tddavis
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    @RathalosStories Also, depending on the look you're after, you can create a plane in the color you want the glow to be and drop it under the 3D model then use the mask tool to create a mask on the plane around the 3d object and drop the opacity a bit and feather the edges of the mask a bit then add glow and/or gleam to it.  If your object is moving you will, of course, need to track and apply it to the the mask layer or hand key frame it. That will be the hardest part, I think.

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    If you want a single item in a 3D scene to have a specific effect applied to it, I strongly recommend rendering your scene in multiple passes, with a specific pass that only has that item that you want to glow. That will make it much easier to only process that item in post, rather than trying to apply a glowing effect to that item as part of a frame full of other stuff.

    On a side note, is there a reason you're using Express 4 and not the latest version of Express (v11)?

  •  @CleverTagline you mean like creating an extra composite shot for the 3D model alone and one for the background?

    I didn't knoe they've updated it, is there a better way to do this there? I'll update asap.


    @tddavis i guess the masking would be an option yeah


    Thanks. ^^

  •  Also guys don't tell me i need an addon to even import 3D files. 

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    @CleverTagline is discussing a standard high-end 3D workflow where various "passes" are rendered to separate files, then combined in a compositor. In your case the suggestion is you render your background as one pass and your crystal as a separate pass on a transparent background. Then, in Hitfilm, the layer with only your crystal will be easy to add glow to without having to manually mask a copy of the "full" video. 

    If you're asking about importing 3S models directly to Hitfilm, you can't in Express 4. The current version of Hitfilm Express can import 3D models. Yes, it's a paid add-on. From Blender you would want to save your model as 3DS, LWO or OBJ if you intend on animating in Hitfilm. ABC or FBX if you also want to save ABC or FBX animation. 

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     @Triem23 Ohhh i gotcha. I have to figure out how imma do this then. 

    How will it be easy too add the glow effect without masking around it? ^^"

    Sorry I'm asking these questions but I'm still learning. 

    I want the crystal to be attached to a spacerock that slowly turns to reveal it.

    Any idea how i could do that? I guess masks is the only way to do it no?


    Also i already bought the addon for 3D objects and the particle simulator today, gotta watch a few tutorials on that last addon

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    @Triem23 @RathalosStories A thought I had after reading how it is intended to be used; could you not import double copies of the model into Hitfilm and give it an emissive material? Sort of like how you do lights on spaceships in other tutorials I have watched?

    This great video from Film Sensei shows how to do those if you haven't seen it:

  •  @tddavis that sounds like it could work I'll try it out as soon as i can

  • FilmSensei
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    @RathalosStories You wouldn't have to mask it. Instead, you would create the Render Pass of just the crystal being exposed from behind the space rock. As in the video above, if you want the crystal to be revealed from behind a space rock, you would animate that in its own pass with the space rock's emissive properties set so it is completely black. Then you would use a Demult Effect to make the space rock transparent therefore only revealing the crystal as it is coming into view. Also, when bringing this pass into the final composite and adding the Glow, Gleam, or maybe Auto Light Flare Effect (whichever you feel is the best), you would want to use the Light Wrap Effect to tie the whole shot together. In addition to the video above, take a look at this video where I used that technique, which I learned from Mike (@Triem23) by the way, to occlude the engine glows through the render passes technique that I learned from Justin (@CleverTagline ).

  • CleverTagline
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    @FilmSensei I appreciate the nod, but I doubt you learned much about render passes from me. I almost never do projects with 3D objects in them.

  •  Ohhhhhh @FilmSensei that was an amazing video!!! 

    I got subscribed!! ^^

    Thank you guys so much! ?

    You helped me out so much!!! :3

    When i finish my little video i will mention you all and post a link in here. <3

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    @CleverTagline Oops. I meant to say @spydurhank! Sorry about that! :)

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