Vegas Pro and Hitfilm workflow?

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I have seen many times people talking about using HFP and Vegas Pro in combination .
Largely for the audio options Vegas has that HFP doesn't yet.

So I sank the money into getting Vegas Pro 16 (cause yes, audio is a major deal in videos imho :) ).
I uninstalled and reinstalled HFP 11 as suggested after installing Vegas Pro 16 but when I go to check the import/export options in Vegas I am not seeing any options that appear to be oriented towards HFP.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is the software smarter than me?  Is the answer to the universe not really 42??

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


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    When you installed Hitfilm (after Vegas) you should have (it would be set by default to ON) Vegas Integration.

    Now you load your clip into Vegas, Right Click>Add Hitfilm Event on a clip on the timeline and it spawns Hitfilm with that clip already in it. Edit in Hitfilm, Save the file (leave Hitfilm open if you have the RAM for both) and it'll get updated in  Vegas. Includes parts of clips, so you can edit as usual in Vegas, then decide to just change a small part in Hitfilm if you want.

    If you do close Hitfilm and want to make a change, open Hitfilm and load last file or seek it out and load it, make changes, save again. Sometime you need to have Vegas Refresh or Relink to recognise changes done this way.

    BTW, the clip must be on the Editor timeline to be seen in Vegas, so if you create other composites yourself and want to use them in Vegas, remember to put a copy of the comp in the Editor timeline. Then you can just drag the thingy.hfp file into Vegas and it'll treat it like normal media.

    Hitfilm will (or it did... might have been fixed) futze with your colours and levels a bit during the transfer to Vegas, so be aware of that.

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