Questions about new laptop for Hitfilm Express?

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Buying a laptop soon and would love to know if a 60Hz refresh rate is good. 

Thanks y'all!


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    Better for Intel i7 7700HQ with Nvidia 1060 or i7 8750H with Nvidia 1050 Ti?

    Please also include the reason why. Thanks a ton!

  • If it uses multicore, how many cores does it use?

    Also, if you know the core usage for the other Hitfilm software, please put it here as well.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't think refresh rate is a factor to even worry about with any editing software, but then again I'm not a tech head so take this comment with a grain of salt.

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    @janahmo I combined your threads into one, because all are related to buying a new computer.

    Keeping your hardware questions together is easier for us to answer and for you to read. :)

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    60Hz refresh rate is fine. 

    Hitfilm will use as many cores as you have. In fact, minimum requirements for Hitfilm include i3, i5 and i7 processors (or AMD equivalent), all of which are multi-core. 

    In general Hitfilm uses the CPU to decode and encode video to and from storage and the GPU for everything us. In general there is a wider range in effective speeds between GPUs vs CPUs. 

    If you are mostly doing straight editing - say game captures - with only a few titles and a little color correction  the better CPU is advantageous. If you are doing a lot of complex compositing and effects work, then the 1060 is a better choice. The 1060 is twice as fast as the 1050.

  • @Triem23 Thank you for answering everything! Please note that it is 1050 Ti, not 1050. Does that make a difference? I'm looking for a laptop that's $1350 or less. It seems that at this price point and with my preferred portability (weight should be < 2kg) my choices are to either go with the 1060 graphics but i7 7th gen or i7 8th gen but 1050 Ti graphics. 

  • @Triem23 Also, I forgot to mention, when I edit videos, I usually add text composites, adjust brightness, add video transitions in between some of the clips and add an audio clip. I edit in 1080p.

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    The 1060 is still 75% faster than the 1050ti. 

    As stated above it also depends on what you are doing. If you're editing game vids the 8th gen CPU might be a better choice. I do mostly animation and special effects, so I get more benefit from the better GPU  

    You haven't discussed system RAM and storage either. System RAM and storage also affect speed. 

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    Note: the 1060 3GB is not the same as the 1060 6GB just with less RAM. Its built using different (slower) processors.

    Linus Tech Tips covered this on YouTube, don't have the link.

  • @Triem23 Please consider the same specs for both laptops, 8GB RAM, 128 SSD and 4GB for graphics.

    Any new thoughts now that I've listed my usual video editing process above?

    Your input would be appreciated. 


    @Palacono My original question before they were combined into this one thread is if Hitfilm Express uses a single core or multiple cores. And if it uses multiple cores, how many?

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    @janahmo it depends on what it's doing. I've got 12 cores / 24 threads and it rarely uses them all. You'd probably be better off with fewer, faster cores than more slower ones. Also 8GB RAM is not going to be enough. 12GB or more if you want some headroom.

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    @Palacono Here's a list of what I usually do when I edit:

    • add text composites
    • adjust clip brightness
    • add video transitions in between some of the clips
    • add an audio clip

    Videos are 1080p.

    8GB RAM for now because I am on a tight budget. I will upgrade later on. 

    What I have in mind is the newer MSI GF63-8RD or the older MSI GS43VR. This led to one of my questions above: i7 7700HQ with Nvidia 1060 or i7 8750H with Nvidia 1050 Ti.

    But I am open to suggestions for a laptop good for video editing and is under $1,350 (or even under $1,300). Please note though that weight is important as I will carry it with me all the time. < 2kg is what I prefer.

    Thanks a ton!

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