Graphic Card for Hitfilm workflow: Nvidia GeForce - RTX 2070 vs GTX 1080 TI?

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Looking to get new graphic card for my new pc. Main use is video editing.

GTX 1080 TI is the top of the line but 1 generation behind. 
RTX in the new generation, but it's advantage - Ray Tracing, is currently not effective for video editing - maybe in future.

But for general workflow and 4k editing - on which one of the above would you recommend? 


  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    The 1080Ti is probably going to be a better bargain right now since it's a bit behind the tech curve, but it's still an excellent card. The RT cores will likely have no real effect on video editing, since NLEs don't use ray tracing for rendering. HitFilm might some day use it for its 3D rendering, but only FXHome can know whether or not that's going to be beneficial for HitFilm and its users.


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