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I can't figure out how the word UNIVERSAL was made in Hitfilm in this YouTube video (at 3:33). Can anyone help.

I tried: adding a text layer, adding BCC extruded text. I can't get the color of the text right. I can bend the text but I can spin it or rotate it like they do. Any ideas. Thanks.


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    The BCC Extruded text won't work with a 3D camera or workspace either.

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    Do you mean "can't" spin it (Universal text) or rotate it like the video.

    Use the transformations panel in Extruded Text. (Not transform for the Hitfilm layer). Set the pivot point as you want (unlock from position). Use the orientation to rotate. The rotate controls do not seem to rotate on the pivot point.

    All of the BCC effects are just that. Effects. Meaning they are 2D effects. They are pseudo 3D effects. Meaning they have a 3D look but their result is on a simple pixel plane. So a Boris "3D" object cannot interact with other 3D objects in Hitfilm. Each Boris "3D" object cannot interact with each other like 3D objects. Interacting in 3D like spinning the Universal text around a 3D globe. Well, having it spin/rotate more than a certain amount where the globe needs to occlude the text. Notice the example in the video does not have Universal come from behind the globe because of this.

    The Boris stuff can use the Hitfilm cameras, and lights but you need to enable that. Otherwise Boris is using its own internal camera and lights.

    Boris Title studio is a full 3D setup. So you can have multiple 3D text objects and have a model like a globe in Title studio and they will interact with each other in 3D space. That is within Title Studio. Once outside of title studio it is again, a simple flat plane of pixels.

    The Hitfilm Bend geometry can bend the text Universal style and Hitfilm geometry text is fully 3D and can interact in 3D with other 3D objects like models. Hitfilm geometry text is really limited in how you can make it look.

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