Is it possible to have this render?


I would like to know if it is possible to have this rendering with hitfilm pro?

the software that the pianist uses is called Synthesia. normally there is no effect(particles)

Thank you for your help


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    In theory it should be possible to recreate parts of the effect with Hitfilm. However it would be an enourmous amount of work to keyframe it manually and it would probably take forever to render as well. 

    I did some research on how this video was created (as I play piano myself and thought it looked neat!)
    I found a thread on reddit where the creator briefly describes his setup: 

    The bottom half of the Video is created with LED lights he instlled on the piano. Somewhere down in the post the author writes:
    "The final product is a mash up of both. The upper half of the video was done in After Effects, and the LEDs themselves connect via Arduino to the piano's MIDI output. They were set up on a piece of wood which slots into the digital piano slightly behind the keys, close enough to look natural but far enough to not get in the way (yet at the same time inconveniently covers some of the buttons)."

    The bottom half could also be replicated if you have a suitable E-Piano with keylights and the lightup function in synthesia midi files. I think it's done that way in this video. When you slow it down to .25 speed you can see that the timing on some notes is slightly offset with the lights.

    So to the effect part of the video. I was looking through a couple of these on Youtube in hope to find a tutorial/add on/plug in on how the effect was created. Most of them hinted that it was created in After Effects. In this video
     the creator specifies in the comments that he used after effects and a couple of scripts. Going through Adobe forums I found a thread that deals with the creation of this effect and has a projectdummyfile atached to it.

    So to sum it up: I guess it's possible to partially create the effect in HF with a lot of work, however the vidoes on YT seem to be created with created with midi files and the help of some scripts for After Effects.
    Hope I'm not feeding you wrong information and could help you out a little.  

  •  Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my request. It still gives me information. 

    I'll continue my research

    Thanks again


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