Transcoding to fast decode AVC for timeline edit performance



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    Here is a playlist of my tests for reference .


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    Thanks for your help, but unfortunately the pictures in Norman's initial post of this thread are gone. Could these be reinserted?

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    Here are some screenshots showing the fast decode settings in the VirtualDub 2 dialogs.

    Select the x264 8-bit encoder. Force keyframes every 8 frames. Then in "configure" choose the typical settings as previously discussed. It can be hard to see, the extra command line option is listed as "--bframes 0". Two dashes.


    For audio choose full processing mode. Make sure conversion is set to 16-bit. Sometimes VirtualDub auto selects 32-bit float.

    For the audio encode settings choose AAC. Then a bitrate per channel of 96k. This is per channel. This results in a 192Kbps overall audio bitrate for the typical stereo audio stream.