GPU optimisation advice for new HitFilm/Video editing PC

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Hi HF users,

I'm after some GPU optimisation thoughts and advice for a newly built HF focused editing PC.  Being a music producer I've only ever needed to have machines which are audio optimised for cpu and hard drive efficiency and reliability. But never for raw graphics power. So this is my first foray into computers with descent graphics cards for video editing. 

I suspect I haven't optimised my GPU correctly to get the most power out of it for video editing. I was expecting to see much faster RAM preview renders than what I'm currently getting.
Now I know this is very subjective depending on the complexity of composite shots and type of GPU/CPU intensive effects being used in the project. Although as a comparison, I'm only seeing marginally better performance than when I was using my main audio recording machine with a ridiculously underspec'ed NVIDIA 512MB card installed in it. That PC is an X99 chipset based, intel i7 6700 machine. Awesome for audio, but not for intensive video editing.

I have installed the most solid driver at the time (Sept 2018 version) for the GTX 1060 6GB, while keeping in mind machine reliability also.

If there are any pro users here who have good road tested experience with NVIDIA GTX 1060 based machines (or similar), I'd like to hear your advice on possible tweaks for getting the most out of it with HitFilm.

It's possible that my expectations were a little too high for the 1060, although I really believed I was being realistic with what I could expect performace wise. I know the 1060 is far from the latest and greatest, but it was as far as the budget would stretch at this time.

Thanks in advance.

PC specs:
Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 3 MB, intel i7 8700 CPU, 32GB Vengeance LPX RAM
1 x PCIe Samsung system drive, 2 x  EVO Samsung SSD's,  Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1060 6GB GPU
Windows 10 Pro. HitFilm Pro 9.1.8


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    Hi again,

    I wanted to follow up with a more specific question if I could. Could somebody with knowledge using a video editing PC, similar to my above quoted spec's confirm the following:

    I have a 1920x1080 composite shot at 24fps with a single layer of 3D keyframed rotating text, a light source, 1 camera and a large 7900x5200px texture image layer parented to the text.
    Should my above system be able to handle this in full playback resolution without staggering? It only displays about one correct frame per second and is very laggy in start/stop? If I set it to half playback resolution it plays reasonably well. This shot only has 4 layers and it still can't render it in full real time playback. I must be missing something.

    I have done as much GPU optimising as I can find in the NVIDIA control panel settings.
    Could somebody advise whether I should be asking these questions of HF tech support instead.

    ** EDIT ** I just ran the system usage when playing back the above. The CPU's sitting between 7-12% and GPU 5-17% while playing back that composite shot. And that's with 6 Chrome tabs open. So I definitely don't have something set right for the GPU.

    Anybody have any suggestions?

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    @Steve_N I can't say that there are any GPU "optimization" tricks for HF besides just keeping your drivers up to date.  A lot of people are also thrown by not seeing the CPU or GPU maxing out under HF.  A lot of resources look to be available that aren't being utilized.  A good part of that is explained away by saying the CPU is used for I/O operations to disk and encoding/decoding, while the GPU is used for the actual compositing calculations.  So the CPU and GPU are continually handing off work to each other and neither seems to max out.   Only the devs would be able to answer why, but I have always assumed this is how the code was written.  My guess is this keeps the system from choking completely on a heavy composite shot.

    For specific questions on GPU optimization, I would recommend contacting support. 

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    Ok, thanks for you thoughts @Stargazer54. I appreciate it. I'll contact support as suggested to see if I can find out more.

    I did download and run Cinebench last night to see if I could get some perspective. I'm not sure if it's a widely used tool by HF users (or recommended at all), but I think the numbers seemed to come out ok ?? Again not really sure.

    OpenGL: 156.9fps Ref match: 98%  But it is scoring below a GTX460 according to the ranking.
    CPU (total): 1435 cb

    The only other strange thing I encountered last night was an irregular "thock" kind of sound coming from the GPU after I optimised the NVIDIA control panel settings. I guess the other thing that might be throwing me is that the Gigabyte GTX 1060 card's fans are completely silent. Either that or they just aren't spinning up to full cooling power.

    Do you think it would be "not out of the ordinary" for a new(er) system such as mine to choke under that one 3D text rendering scenario I mentioned earlier?

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    Who knows?   You could  have it a bug or a combination of things that caused a slow down.  Not being a dev I cannot answer your question.  As Triem23 is fond of saying "moderators are not FXHome staff, we're volunteers" and not privy to the inner workings of the software

  • Sorry forgot to respond to this. No problems at all, and thanks for your thoughts.


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