Too Many Jacks, The Pilot

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Hey guys, I just uploaded the first part of the pilot of a new series I'm working on. The plot goes something like this: Jack was messing around, and accidentally clones himself. Pretty soon the world is filled with him, and they pretty much want to kill everybody, even their creator. In part two, we venture outside the house and try to survive in a city filled with killer Jacks. We even meet some weird survivors along the way!
Tell me what you think. Also vote on the future of the series. We don't want to film a show that no one likes.


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    A nice effort, but you will need to work on some of the technical filmmaking aspects if you want to build an audience. Particular aspects to research and practise:
    - Grading: the whole video is quite grey. If you don't have access to lighting equipment, you might want to consider going for a more stylised and unique grade. Even the grade you used on the end credit freeze frames was an improvement!
    - Lighting: which brings us to lighting. It's not easy if you're making stuff on non-existent budgets, but it does make a huge difference. At the very least, pick times when the sun is in the best possible position.
    - Sound: there's a lot of hiss throughout the video, and the audio is all quite muted. Similarly, there's no music. Tightening and cleaning up the audio and adding some music will help to bind everything together.
    - Guns: there are lots and lots and lots of videos on the internet of people shooting each other. If you want to build an audience you'll need to come up with a new angle on it. The clone angle is definitely fun: maybe focus more on fun, quirky ideas with the clones, rather than focusing on a shoot-out. What would ACTUALLY happen if loads of clones of your friend started appearing?
    Definitely keep going and improving on your skills, but you might want to focus on some of the essentials before embarking on a big web series. Good luck!
  • Yeah I have to admit it was pretty unpolished...