Slicing composites - Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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I have a composite consisting of a static image, which I have text over top.

I wanted to split that composite at the half way point, and add more text to the latter half.  Splitting is supposed to create two separate clips from the original, yet when I add text on the right-side of the split composite, it changes the text on  the left side. 

I've tried Googling every which way, but haven't found anyone mentioning this.  I must be missing something here.  Any help greatly appreciated.  It doesn't seem right that I would have to create dozens of individual video tracks to add an additional layer of text to an existing clip.

For example:

static image                     |     same static image                                                  |   same static image

"Once upon a time"         "Once upon a time, in a land far far away"   |   There was a goat.



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    Ok, I'm going to explain it in my own "layman" words, with apologies to all those who really know how this stuff works.

    Cutting a clip, and especially a comp for that matter, is really like setting new in and out points. The "original" clip remains the same. So what you call "a separate clip" or "the right side" is in fact the end of the same original clip. Check this : if you cut the comp in half, double-cliking on either "new clip" will open same comp tab.

    So it makes sense that, if you change the text in either part, you're really changing it in the original and hence in all parts.

    You could make a comp for each text and adjust the duration on the editor's timeline --OR do everything is the same comp, add a Text layer for every sentence and adjust their duration in the comp's timeline.


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    @Cervier gave a good explanation. Another way to think of it is: Creating a text object is like loading a photo/video clip into the media bin. If you change the text it's like Relinking a different photo/video clip in the media bin. Changing the original media changes all instances of that media on the timeline.

    So, you do have to create a new text object for each sentence. Or, there is an add-on text effect in the Edit: Starter Pack.

    This optional text effect (it's in Pro if you have Pro more recent than November 2017) is designed for subtitles. You can set keyframes to change the contents of the text. This tutorial covers the Text effect from the Edit: Starter Pack 

    Hope this helps!