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  • Aladdin4d
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    @Palacono Ummm no. I hate to burst your bubble but this started with Windows 8 which required a Microsoft ID. Windows 8.1 removed that requirement. Windows 10 has always encouraged entering a valid Microsoft ID like a Hotmail ID during the OOBE setup stage even offering to help you create one instead of using a traditional style local account login. You actually have to go a little out of the way to not enter one. It's really a key part of how the whole Windows ecosystem now works. One login across all Windows/Microsoft devices, services and software - phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, Xbox, OneDrive, Office all in sync via your Microsoft ID. Local account logins can be switched to using a Microsoft ID at will and vice versa. Potential privacy concerns aside and unusually for something from Microsoft, it all just works. Even for my 74 year old mother. Who has and uses everything I just listed. And was playing Witcher 3 on her Xbox One when I called her earlier today. 

    Your "mistake" as such, was trying to force part of that ecosystem, Windows Mail, to use a Microsoft ID without letting any other part of the system to use the same ID. That's something you might not have been able to do easily.

  • alameen112
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    Well it worked for me 

    I uploaded the new version 

    But can you keep a copy of the old one the 2017 hitfilm ?

    For purchase and download

    In case the device has decided not to work 

    I do not think I will Update my device At present 

    I do not want to be stuck on a problem where I cannot complete my work

  • tddavis
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    @alameen112 As I understand it, you can have several (provided you had them activated prior as they cannot be activated for a new install) versions of Hitfilm Pro and Express running on the same machine up until the latest release of "9.0" (last Novemeber's version.)  It will still allow older versions to work but as it is a different program model it will install version updates directly over the install on your system unlike the previous model that created a separate installation for each revision.  Hope this answers your question and helps you out.

  • DanielGWood
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    To add to @tddavis comments:

    If you have an existing license for a previous version of HitFilm (any version) that's yours forever. So if you bought HitFilm Pro 2017, you keep that license and will always be able to get the installer for it from our website. As long as you have compatible hardware/OS, you should be able to install it too.

    For example, we're still providing the installers and activation support for programs we released in 2001, so anyone who had that program back then can continue to use it.

    We can't however sell new licenses (or in the case of Express, give out licenses) for older versions of the software. That's because they're no longer developed and cannot be supported, so we couldn't fulfil our obligations to you as a customer. It's similar for Windows 7 - we don't develop for that version anymore and so we can't guarantee it will work or offer official support. Check Axel's earlier reply for more on Windows 7 specifically.

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