How to Improve my YouTube Channel

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I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions to improve my youtube channel. All feedback is welcome! doesn’t matter how minor it is, just looking for any way to improve it. Thank you for your time!


  • DafterThings
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    I can't comment on the channel layout itself as, personally, I can't see too much wrong with it.
    Maybe the banner art could include something that I might expect on the channel (but I don't do this myself).

    I looked at a few videos. They demonstrate some pretty good vlog editing techniques and each had elements I found interesting. However, I didn't know what story you were sharing that would engage me. Without that 'hook'  I am just watching a few of your video clips stitched together using editing techniques.

    As an example : At 06:07 of the New York video you tell me we are in Washington Square Park and then show me a fountain. I have no idea of the context. Is it a fountain you've always wanted to visit? If so, why? Did something happen there of any significance? Why would I want to watch it? It's a nice fountain but I can watch fountains myself if I wanted to. If it was a 'filler' shot then too much time was spent on it. It might have been use for a transition e.g. follow the water spout up and then cut to follow a building up or use the fountain to move the eye ready for the next shot.

    Anyway, vlogging isn't my thing BUT I have been following Jeff Bartsch's channel Story Greenlight. Some of it is a bit deep for me but try his very first video to see what he is all about and How to Make Smooth Video Edits: GAME-CHANGING Pro Tip for moving the eye focus for smooth edits.
    . He also has '27 Questions to craft the perfect video' download which are helpful.