First comp test using HitFilm

This is my first attempt using both the editor and layers in HitFilm. My last bizarre video mainly dealt with testing the effects in the editor side of the software.
So far I'm loving it!
Here's the short test vid, enjoy.


  • SimonKJones
    SimonKJones Posts: 4,448 Enthusiast
    Nice! I like the grading you've done here. The muzzle flashes work pretty well, but the smoke looks a bit transparent, so that's probably something to work on. The smoke also needs to have a bit more movement in it - currently it behaves kinda similarly to the muzzle flash, appearing in a flash then staying in one place. It'd be better if it dispersed quicker and wider.
  • THanks Simon for the critique. I highly welcome them.
    Yeah, after resting my eyes and watching it the next day, I agree with you that the smoke needs improving. It was just so much fun putting it together that I couldn't wait to share the results with others :D