Unable to drag and drop video, images, sound into timeline, unable to add effects to media

Hi guys, been quite frustrated with my situation. I have many years working with non-linear editors and I downloaded Hitfilm to try it out. I started editing a simple video and initially I was able to add video clips to the timeline, cut, and edit them.

Then I wanted to add some images and I was unable to add them to the timeline. Trying to drag and drop the image resulted in nothing being dragged and therefore nothing being dropped. I was able to finally get them into the timeline by opening the media in the  "trimmer" window and selecting "Insert Clip". Once the media was on the timeline, I was unable to move it around or lengthen or shorten it, however I was able to use the image to create a composite shot, utilize key frames, and re-size and create a zoom effect. 

Now, all of the video media on the timeline is unmovable and I am unable to drag and drop ANY media at all into the timeline. I can select clips but all dragging is in vain, it just doesn't move. I can grab the edge, cut, and delete a video clip (but not an image file), but it cannot be moved. I've tried adding effects but they too do not drag nor drop onto any clips. Nothing seems to work.

Help! Thanks!

I am running on HP ENVY Intel i7, 2.70 GHz, 16 GB ram, Windows 10. 


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