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Okay I have been working on this for over a year. I decided a little over a year ago to make my own LED lights for doing green screen. So I did my home work, spent hours on YouTube, spent a couple thousand dollars, and hours picking Fabian's brain at Orvac, which is a electronics store here in Fullerton Ca, and now it is finished.

Anyway back to my story. I have created, a 960 LED light source, that has switches to turn on and off banks of LEDs, and a dimmer. It can run off a battery, or an outlet, using an AC to DC converter, and if you need the power, it could also run off a car battery, since it is 12volts.
My initial test are really promising; at one meter, my light produces 1100 lux, in lumems that's 3455.
My light only pulls 4.35 amps, which is 52.2 watts. Also you can put you hand on it and not worry about burning yourself, even if it has been on for over 5 minutes.
My next step is to do a Kickstarter Campaign, as funding is the only thing holding me up, as I have already talked to a product developer.
Dose this sound interesting to anybody?


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    I just bought this one during a Xmas sale for $129, now it's $189. Awesome light! It's variable up to 1200 lux, and runs for 2.5 hrs. on a single charge. I love it!
    960 leds? Wow, mine only has 10.
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    Sounds pretty cool - can you go into a bit more detail about the specific benefits of your setup compared to alternatives?
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    Sounds pretty cool - can you go into a bit more detail about the specific benefits of your setup compared to alternatives?
    Sure! I was looking for an LED camera light for a long time, and the Neewer 160 LED dimmable panel was the best option, but it was clumsy and not quite bright enough for me. Also, I needed a wide soft throw and LED's are focused light.
    That's when I found this one, based on a Sony design that previously sold for $500+, but now that the product is being produced cheaper, I went for it. :)
    The benefit is that I don't need a huge LED panel to get the lux I need.
  • Sorry guys, been teaching myself cad, plus the arthritis in my right hip, keeps me from sitting for long periods of time. It's a real pain!!! LOL I didn't mean too, but I truly made green tech. I started this because I wanted lights to illuminate my green screen without cooking me, and burning down the apartment from pulling so many amps, through wires that were not designed for it. But it has morphed into something with endless possibilities.
    Through my design, I have made an affordable light, that can run cordless off a battery, plus with a converter, can run off an outlet, and while running the light, it will charge the battery. Plus if you have a strong enough solar panel, it can run the light, or charge a battery bank, that can run the light later.
    So it can be used for anything, from video production, to security lighting, and emergency lighting, when Mother Nature has one of her fits.
    I have produced a thousand watt light, that use under 100 watts. Also since it is LED tech, it is extreamly portable.
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    Depending on the cost I bet these would sell. Is it weatherproof? If not using for a green screen (which is an awesome idea as halogens scare the blank out of me 'cause they get so hot) would one be able to use these in rainy or snowy conditions?