Composite Shots without Audio by default?

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Is there any way to disable composite shots from having audio?

All I do is voiceovers so I NEVERRR need the audio from my shots.

And it's super super tedious and time consuming  to unlink, and delete the audio track every single time.

Plus, sometimes it can overwrite audio in the timeline and mess up my project.

I've looked in the options but can't find anything like this.

I know if you press "Alt" while dragging from the trimmer or media library, it will only bring the video!
BUT, if you then turn that into a composite shot. It brings the audio back.

Is there any way to do this?

If anything I think it should be an option when you make a composite shot.


  • noizboy2
    noizboy2 Website User Posts: 4

    Not really an answer but...

    What you want the app to do is strip the audio out.  Audio is integrated in the video stream so to remove it you would have to re-render the video file with out the audio.  You could just mute the audio, it would probably be quicker and faster.  The bandwidth of audio compared to the video stream is extremely small so there shouldn't be much/any performance change over not having the audio.

    If you really want to strip the audio out I would probably do it with a batch processor like MKVToolNix.  

  • tddavis
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    @FrostDrive If I am not mistaken, when you drag media from the media bin bin into the editor if you hold down the ALT key it only brings the video.  Doesn't seem to work in composites though?  Hope this helps.

  • Triem23
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    It the layer properties tab of a layer's Controls menu is a "Mute" toggle. There's not currently a way to specify a mute Comp Shot, but that's a good idea. But you can mute your media. 

  • CleverTagline
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    I don't think the issue that @FrostDrive mentions is about muting or unmuting a composite shot. It's about the presence of the comp's audio in the main Editor audio tracks when it's not wanted, specifically after creating a comp from a soundless clip in the Editor timeline.

    For example, make a new project and add a plane, then drag that plane to one of the Editor's video tracks.  Right-click on it and choose "Make Composite Shot."  Close that comp, and you'll find the comp's audio is now in the first audio track.  What @FrostDrive wants is the option to not automatically add the comp's audio to a new audio track. It's unwanted editor clutter that needs to be unlinked before it can be removed.

    However, in my testing just now I found a way to more easily remove linked audio without unlinking it first.  On the Mac, Command-clicking on audio that's linked to video will only select the audio portion, which can then be deleted, leaving the video in place.  I'm guessing there's a similar modifier option that will work for Windows.

    Still, I agree with @FrostDrive that it would be nice to not have to delete unwanted comp audio from the Editor timeline. I'll put a request on the wish list thread.

  • Triem23
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    @jsbarrett I actually agree. I added to your wishlist post because I wanted to... Ah, you can read what I wrote in the Wishlist if'n you care. 

  • Mikescki
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    Hi there,
    Can I please add an agreement to this on the wish list.
    It is no huge problem to remove audio but to not have to would save time.

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