Having Issues With Jitter / Stutter Effect ---Ignite Grunge Group

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I am trying to apply a jitter and stutter effect to a video clip, but it doesn't seem to be taking effect. I can apply every other effect in the Grunge group, but those two don't seem to be doing anything.

Any thoughts?



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    If you look on the Ignite Product page you'll see a line of icons representing each of the supported hosts. If you click on each supported host, you'll see something like ">x< of 179 plugins are compatible with >host<."

    I will assume you are working in DaVinci Resolve, and, sure enough, on the Ignite Product page it shows that Jitter and Stutter are not compatible with Resolve.

    The effects in Ignite rely on the capabilities of the host NLE. For whatever reason something in the architecture of Resolve means it is unable to use those particular effects.

    Sorry, I know this wasn't the answer you were hoping for, but that's what's happening.

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    I see, That's very helpful. Actually, I'm using Vegas 15, so it must not be compatible...yet?

    It shows that it is compatible with 169 of 179 for Vegas 14, but perhaps it is a fewer with 15.

    I suppose I can go into 14 and do the effect there. The shake effect gets me pretty close to what I was looking for though.

    Thanks so much the info!!

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    @karma17 Yes, it looks like you may have  discovered a glitch with Ignite and Vegas 15.

    Moderators are user volunteers (so we don't work for FXHOME), so I suggest you file a support ticket with the staff.

    For completeness, you'll want to give support your system specs - CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and Storage.Double check that your GPU drivers are current, although I don't think that will be the issue.

    Along with the version of Vegas you're running. To get the exact version number, go to Vegas's Help Menu then click "About." I'm running Vegas 15.0 build 216, myself. Magix released a bugfix update for Vegas 15 two days ago. I haven't downloaded it myself. (New build is 361, I'm on 216)


    You'll want to give the version number of Ignite as well. You can find that by adding any ignite effect to a clip and looking for the "About" button in the Effects Panel interface. Depending on how your panels are set up you might have to scroll to find it, but it should be directly to the right of the effect's name in the interface. I'm running Ignite Pro 2017 v1.2

    FWIW I was able to reproduce the issue on my machine. Jitter and Stutter are not working correctly for me in Vegas Pro 15 (along with a few other effects I tried),

    Update: Actually I'm having issues on Vegas 14. But, I made the mistake of upgrading from Win 7 to Win 10, and, since then you wouldn't believe the problems I'm having... I'm waiting for a clear couple of days to completely wipe my PC and go back to square one! I might even revert back to Windows 7.

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    Jitter and stutter appear to be working fine for me in Vegas 14. Ignite v1.2

    I used a basic AVC/MP4 media file to test.

    Windows 10 1803 (current), GTX 1080 (current driver)

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