[NEW RELEASE] HitFilm Pro 8.0

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HitFilm Pro just got a huge update. “Another one?!” I hear you say. You bet! And this time, we’re focusing on motion graphics.


  • Triem23
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    An update that will totally make anyone doing mograph--or even simple titles--happy. Love the new Layout Panel--easy to use and does what it needs to.

    I'm curious about a couple of things: First, did Ignite and Photokey get updates, too? With a new site/store, new Express, new Pro, new Add-ons, new Fan Film and new Tutorials all comiong out today that's a sextuple-update! Ignite and Photokey would be an octuple update!

    The other thing I'm curious about... Since today's videos dropped three hours earlier than usual, why are you posting blog entries? Shouldn't the entire office be chilling with drinks and snacks, feet up on the table, watching the community give a collective gasp, and basically take a couple of hours today to enjoy the fruits of your labors? ;-)

  • @Triem23 Because they're awesome people!

  • whakan
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    Thank you FXHOME!!

    just a little issue found: In express the text effect is not available as said in the update-history

  • colamanBS
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    Thank you FXHOME, the new Express Version is great.

    Yes, as whakan said, the text effect isn´t available in express. (8.0.0432) Mac

  • inScapeDigital
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    @whakan The Text effect is available in the Edit: Starter pack on the Store.

  • tddavis
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    Away from the computer today and on my phone, wouldn't you know it?. I can hardly wait to get home so I can download and install this terrific-sounding update and play, play, play!

    @Triem23 Looks like the logo got an update too...at least on my phone it's changed.

  • colamanBS
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    I have the HFE2017 Starter Pack, there is Split-Screen Masking inclusive and it is activated,
    now Split-Screen is in Editor Starter Pack?
    Is the old Starter Pack converted to Express 8 and I have a few effects from different new Packs?

  • whakan
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    @inScapeDigital thank you for the info, but maybe in the update history it is better to put the info at the bottom with "Add-on" just like the other the others, isn't it?

  • Triem23
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    @colamanBS poke around. You may have more effects than you think. Last time the team shuffled around the add-on packs users who had effects shifted into a new pack got that entire pack... 

  • colamanBS
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    Yet I only see the great new features, Editor keyframing and Layout.
    The effects from the old Starter Pack are available, Flicker, Equalizer ... I don´t know which Pack I need now,
    have to read descriptions exactly. Some Packs sounds interesting, but a few effects I have already.
    Now there are so many Packs, I think I have to wait until Pro is on sale :-)

  • Thomekk
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    Thanks a lot for the hard work, dear Hitfilm-Crew!
    Great that the Express Version now has the full second screen option.
    Now it will take some time to check all the new features!

    I have also the Starter- and Coloristpack already. Seems to fine migrated and the fx are there.
    At the "home" Screen the starter pack appears with a "buy" link though. But I guess this is simply because you calibrated the addon-packs new, I guess. I like the idea btw. that there are more segmented options to choose from now! 

    Edit: It only could be complicated when someone already with a bought pack from before wants to buy some fx, which are in the pack he already has (eg. I found all my fx from the Starterpack are there from the old combi, but in the new starterpack there are some, which are missing. But that's ok. )

    Ok, there are more starter fx packs for each division as I see now

  • NormanPCN
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    The new layout controls are almost like familiar comfy old pair of jeans. The arranging/distributing operates much like the arranging tools I have in my dialog resource editor. The bitmaps are almost identical. But hey, how else do you draw/visualize such things. It's kinda obvious.

    I would have maybe preferred the arranging to be relative to a "key" item in the selection. Kinda like shown above. Honestly, mostly because I am used to that.

    To be specific. Aligning or distribute/spacing 'these' items (selection) relative 'this' item. The 'this' item being specifically what I choose/select. As shown the solid handles in the system selection color. As implemented in HF the 'this' item seems to be chosen based on the action chosen. Two side of a similar coin.


  • Triem23
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    @NormanPCN probably something that will happen eventually. 

  • CedricBonnier
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    Just to clarify: you will not lose any plugins or preset in the new version, everything should transfer over. The only thing that people should be mindful is that if they have old add-on packs that are not sold anymore, they might already have some plugins in the new packs.

  • Thanks very much for the mega-useful upgrade!

  • Juda1
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    Dear FxHome, thanks for the update and a personal thanks for Bugfix 6 (Text mystically adding CR/LF) and 20 (Selecting a property in the property tree of one panel no longer auto-expands the tree in other panels). Especially the last one is a good solution in my opinion. I found out that a double-click inside the control panel is expanding the corresponding node in the layer stack which can be fine while expanding the node manually in the control panel and changing values is not expanding the node in the layer stack which is really what I was begging for since I often work with more then 40 layers in a comp (an animated soccer ball hat over 50 layers). So functionality is left for those who want it (by double clicking) while that annoying expand/collapse is gone.

    I call that a diplomatic solution for all and want to thank you for that. Good work!