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Anybody notice (or suspect) that views for YouTube videos posted in these forums don't get added? I reported it to Hitfilm Support who have suggested I contact YouTube. That's OK (other than contacting YouTube is a nightmare) but wondered if it was just me.


p.s. I know many people are not doing it for the views but, personally, it's nice to get the numerical feedback.



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    @tonyg As far as I can tell, any YouTube video that gets posted here never gets counted on the YouTube counter. I have posted several unlisted videos here over the years that I know have been seen by several people. Yet on YouTube, the count remains at zero. Like you said, though, we don't post our videos here to get YouTube numbers. :)

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    This forum uses a simple html link system thus views from this forum will normally may not count for months. 

    You can verify views from external sites by:

    • Login to YouTube
    • Go to Creator Studio
    • Go to Analytics
    • Select Traffic Sources
    • Select External Sources.

    Here you will see how many views you get from external sites. Just looking back over 3 years in my account it appears since January 2018 analytics shows no views from this forum. 

    A note - Also certain browsers/settings and players do not allow YT to detect all details.

  • DafterThings
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    " appears since January 2018 analytics shows no views from this forum. "

    I did notice a difference after Jan 2018 which would coincide with the changes YouTube made with views not counting from certain embedded videos on communities/websites.

    I'd still like views (or the time watched) to count if I ever wanted to monetise the channel (unlikely but I'd like the option). It doesn't help that it takes me 2-3 weeks of shooting/editing to make a 2 minute stop motion. 

    but... must remember. We don't post videos here for the views.

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    @tonyg Your stop motion videos are REALLY cool. I bet they take forever to make though. When I was a kid I made clay-mation style stop motion videos with my dad's regular eight mm camera. Talk about taking forever!

    but... must remember: I didn't make them for the views! Haha! :)

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    Thanks. It doesn't help I get about an hour an evening spare. Ten minutes of that is spent setting everything up and another 10 putting it all away again. 

    I need a bigger house or one of the kids to leave home. 

    At the end of the day it's all a LOT of fun.

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    I wonder if you use the LINK NEW WINDOW option, if that forces the YouTube to load as a normal page and hence get counted?

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    I do think that Hitfilm need to change the way the video is embedded *if* they want views to be counted. 

    I'm a little put out that their response was to contact YouTube. a) That's not easy at the best of times and b) I have no idea how Hitfilm have set-up their forums.

    If somebody wants to try it...

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    @markwillis75 - That will get you banned faster than you can say....Wha

    @DafterThings - I know this is a year old post - but just to let you know this forum uses "nofollow". The idea of  your own this case FXHome, is to gain "authority" with the algorithm called Google. It used to be called Page Rank back several years ago. The algorithm still uses all the flags to rank sites but it is a well hidden weight factor these days. If every link was "follow" this site would have no authority in the eyes of Google and thus they could actually be beaten out of their flagship name "Hitfilm" by another site owned/operated by someone like you or I.

    Almost all sites that use embedded widgets use "nofollow"...common practice by those who know and understand rankings and authority.  To prove this to yourself use the search term Hitfilm - you should be presented with FXHome and then at least 6 sub pages listed in the results. This is an example of a site doing it right and gaining Authority.

    btw- Now a days "nofollow" and Youtube's (Google) own algorithm actually help combat Authority jumpers. Bleeding page authority by "following" videos is a practice that use to be abused, and is still tried by many, but as I said above..the rouse is Authority has much stricter standards. 

    EDIT: Looks like markwillis75 deleted his post before I could finish typing :-)

  • Im not sure if this can be the case. YouTube won't do this.

    "Views" are those what matter for YouTube and they won't be restricting them at any cost