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   I am working on a the script for a short film, it is a mostly serious fantasy/sci-fi thing. A few of my actors are good singers and I want to work a song into it somehow. Can anyone think of a way to put a song into a mostly serious film, and what type of song you would suggest.

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    @D1a1v1e11  Unless you want to go the old Hollywood/Broadway musical route where people spontaneously burst into song to a full invisible orchestra , the easiest way I can think of would be to go the Lucas route (the Cantina/Jabba's sail barge) and write a scene where the hero walks into a club or or something and a song is being performed on a stage.  Of course, you could always have the song recorded and playing on a holovid or something.  Now as to type of, that is really going to depend on the story you are telling, the setting, etc. I don't think anyone else but you will be able to answer that.

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    Oh there's all kinds if places to bring in a song. A mother singing a lullaby or maudlin character remembering a lullaby sung to them. A character is injured or dying and is being comforted by another. You can get away with being as blatant as someone singing in the car--or, for sci-fi, ship. 

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    Or the old singing to the radio to reflect mood.

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    Let us not forget the enthusiastic drinking songs.