Boris Title Studio crashes

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I have the latest version of Hitfilm, I'm trying to work in Boris Title Studio and it keeps crashing.  Here are my specs....



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    Yes it does. I've always said Title Studio (TS) is twitchy. Then there is the timeline framerate bug that has been there since the beginning (Hitfilm 2017). Still unfixed.

    "...and it keeps crashing"

    For the sake of argument, say I am the developer of that software. Such a statement gives me absolutely nothing to work with.

    Back to being a user of TS; I'll bet TS is probably crashing during differing functions at different times. That said, you still have to give some info of what you are doing and what the TS project is doing (e.g. what types of timeline items exist in the project).

    Given this is a user forum, there is really nothing we can do to fix TS for you. As a user, about all I can say is to save often. Given that FxHome does not develop TS there is virtually nothing they can do. FxHome can forward a reasonable bug report to Boris. Boris probably listens to FxHome more than us bundle users. But a good report needs to exist.

    Your best bet is to contact Boris support. I've not had any luck with them. I've never gotten a response. I've only tried once so no statistical sample here.

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    @NormanPCN have the Development team contacted BORIS,theoretically they should be aware of this since they contacted boris to have it in hitfilm 

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    "have the Development team contacted BORIS,theoretically they should be aware of this since they contacted boris to have it in hitfilm "

    Yes, of course the FxHome team has contacts with Boris since Boris is bundled. Absolutely business contacts. Most certainly technical contacts as well.

    Yes the FxHome team will report bugs to Boris. I have gone through FxHome support with Title Studio bug reports with steps to reproduce the reported problem(s). In part because Boris was unresponsive and two that FxHome QA is seriously lacking in testing basic, does it work, function. You don't QA someone else software but the most basic function needs to be tested. Like something as simple as applying a built-in texture to text via material style. It only took me a couple of minutes to fun into that back in the day. I was highlighting that deficiency to FxHome. 



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    @NormanPCN do you mind sending me a list of bugs so I can try to send boris support it and possibly I could add to the list 

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    The initial materials problems were fixed during the Hitfilm 2017 lifetime. The timeline item is all that remains.

    1. New Edit Project
    2. Create a new composite, 1920x1080, 29.97 fps, 7 seconds
    3. Create a new plane.
    4. Drop BCC Title Studio on the plane
    5. Open Title Studio. Verify event project params are correct. They should be.
    6. Close Title Studio UI.
    7. Save As Project.
    8. Close Hitfilm
    9. Open Hitfilm.
    10. Open your saved Project.
    11. Open Title studio UI
    12. Your params should now be bad.

    As for other Title Studio crashes, I don't have anything worth reporting. Nothing that is reproducible. Mostly I stopped trying to use Boris. Therefore, I have no interest in trying to test and create a proper bug report. For me, crashes and other anomalies were sporadic.

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    mine occurred when i tried to add textures to letters 

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    FWIW Boris TS also crashes often for me in Sony Vegas (the full BCC suite--the version bundled in Hitfilm doesn't work in Vegas). 

    Over the years I've had constant issues with both NewBlue and Boris Titlers. Neither company has particularly good customer service (meaning I never hear back from them on any communication).  I generally avoid both unless I absolutely have no choice for the look I want. 

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    @Triem23: I work with Vegas 14 and also had problems using NewBlue - crashed while working or crashes on exit. I found out then that then version provided by the installer of Vegas Suite is not the best one. This one is more stable and works for me, even if I only used it in two older projects and now do those things with embedded Hitfilm Projects: NewBlueVegasProSuite161188. The Vegas Suite downloader grabs version 160826 which is a lot more buggy.

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    @NormanPCN I contacted Boris and they said to do this 

    delete this folder....


    I did and knock on wood here everything is going well 

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