Long time no edit - cycling race podiums video

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Life has been ... interesting ... but I finally got out again with a new camera (Sony A99 II) and took some photos and quick video. Alas I was too late to capture enough racing footage to do what I had hoped, but tried to make it relatively dynamic all the same. All video and images shot with A99II and Sony 70-400 G II. A great combo indeed.

This video will get used as a template for future competitions - esp given I am currently injured and unable to race. My thought is to slowly learn more pro-looking transitions but keep the basic video structure the same so I can release content relatively quickly of a consistent quality whether a new transition idea is implemented or not.

Somewhat apologetic that my favourite bit of it all is the outtro, a combination of different ideas that didn't quite work for a day or so. I perservered and it felt like my brain broke, but then suddenly things made sense and it came together. I'd describe the process used as, "Compositeception".

Lessons from this video:

1. z-axis only needs 1 pixel of height to sit in front of any other layer.

2. hitfilm rounds things down, so "0.004" appears as "0.0" when not editing a value - a difficult phenomenon to track down.

I'd like to thank inScapeDigital and Triem23 for their youtube efforts; truly outstanding, inspirational work.



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     VFX in HF, edited all the comps together + added sound track in Resolve.

    I'll learn colour grading next.

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    I liked it. :) Only thing I semi-expected it to do, which it didn't: was after the flash and zoom in at about 6 seconds, for the next image to be different in some way; such as: rider in colour and background in mono, or blurrier, or both, and/or a white/black (or other colour) outline round the character and for them to slowly get larger, separated from the background (very subtly so as to not show themselves still in the background at normal size) while the text animated. That could require quite a tight mask though, so...fiddly, but only needed on the winner, once?

    Similarly, perhaps the photos could have a very rough outline around the people in them, with a feathered mask, that would blur out the background (zoom blur could work nicely too), and/or make it monochrome when they zoom up to full size. Doesn't have to be that accurate a mask at all; just enough to make the people in them 'pop' a little and separate them from the background.

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    The zoom in flash (gleam effect) at 6 seconds is replacing a (low-res) zoomed-in frame from the video with a (high res) cropped photograph. I gleamed to hide the difference in head orientation. It took a day just to do those first 6 seconds o.O

    I wanted to do the slow zoom that you mention - like the 3D nebula example,  and had masked out the rider's face to do so.

    Once I started the animation, though, the rider's head is already as large as it's going to get without going outside the frame and I did not like the way it looked with her head going out of shot, so I canned it.

    The point of the shot + title framed as it is was primarily for thumbnail purposes.


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    Surely both the first and the second zoom in could have been slightly smaller, to leave you room to do the very slow zoom on the rider's head without it going out of frame?  Just parent everything to a point and scale it down and it'll all stay in sync. Now you say what you did, you can track backwards and spot the swap, but I'd never have guessed without you saying, so: nicely done.  :)

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    I could have spent another year fine-tuning the video, yes.  I decided in the end to publish it instead.

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