Exported quality Image sequences

Hi guys, im trying to export a 445 445 image sequences but the quality of the resulting mp4 is considerable less than the source images. I tried exporting as the 'Highest-quality visually lossless 4:4:4 source 12-bit pixel depth + Alpha' AVI preset, but  the resulting file shows only black.

The dropbox link shows the original image & a screenshot of the mp4


Solutions? I tried changing the antialiasing mode, the bitrate, the profile and the level. 


  •  With a white background, the quality already looks a lot better.. But i need a black background

  • Juda1
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    Have you done any effects on it? Resolution of the project file less than the source files?

  • Source images are 445 _ 445, so is the resulting .mp4. Also no effects added.

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    One could ask what your export bitrate is. Mp4 is a lossy format. This typically means image degradation. You could raise the output bitrate by changing Level to 5.2 and increasing bitrate to something like 50 mbps. 

    You could also try exporting as an image sequence. PNG is lossless. So are TIFF or EXR in Pro. 

  •  A higher bitrate doesnt really change the quality it seems, I can't go higher than 5.1 with Level and I already have a image sequence (my source files).


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    "'Highest-quality visually lossless 4:4:4 source 12-bit pixel depth + Alpha' AVI preset, but  the resulting file shows only black."

    That is Cineform output.

    Shows black in what? Be specific.

    If something like a media player, e.g. Windows media player, movies & TV, you probably do not have the Cineform codec installed. Most of them will require a Video for Windows decoder codec installed. You can get that here.

    VLC 2 needs a VLC plugin installed. VLC 3 needs 3.0.1. 

    As for MP4 output. "level" is not directly related with quality of output. It only restricts what frame size, frame rates and bitrates that are allowed at a given level. Bitrate is the big one there. Even level 4.2 allows 60Mbps, which is pretty high. Hitfilm AVC output is always 4:2:0 so there is some loss in that regardless of bitrate.

  • Thank you guys, I got the avi file working. Indeed lossless quality