Hitfilm Express - Best way to "morph" one figure into another?

Hi Folks,

this is a naive question - I'm tinkering with Hitfilm Express 2017 now for a while...
So I have an image, a silhouette of a baby (in this case).
(How) Is it possible to morph that figure into another straight form (eg. a number)? Probably a "classic" question - so excuses for that..
Which technique would fit best without Hitfilm Pro?

I guess it's possible, but not that easy. Tried to play with some warp FX, but not that sucessful.
Maybe the particle effects are the way - but still not on the Pro-Route here (Win 7)


  • Triem23
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    This is something better done in a dedicated morphing app, then imported to Hitfilm. Stacking warp effects in Hitfilm would work, but it would take a lot more fiddling than just using other software.

    Look here. 


  • Thomekk
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    Hey Triem,

    thanks a lot! Will give them a try.

  • FlyingBanana78
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    Could you animate a mask to match the shape of the silhouette then animate the mask over the time you want the effect to end result number shape. Then keyframe the opacity of the mask to reveal the number completely? I'm just spitballing off the top of my head here so may or may not work. All this depends on the silhouette figure if it is just a solid color and not a shadowy figure.

    But Triem23 is right in that a standalone program would probably suit your needs best and get better results.

  • Thomekk
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    Sorry, a late thank you Flying Banana,
    for your creative suggestion - seemed  complicated with the idea I had in mind - but also of course not enough experience here. So I found another workaround with blends instead of morphing, but will come back to this.
    tried some of the progs Triem linked, but it was not the way I would have liked it. Maybe my work material was not good enough or myself with the progs. Will take more time to study this.