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Just wondered if anyone had any interest, examples or discussions on the kind of image sequencing I am going to be attempting.

I am making a promotional video to highlight a product - a designer lighting product which I make in my one-man-artisan-workshop.

Funding is tight as far as video production is concerned yet I need the product 'pans', 'fly towards' and 'circle around' shots to be of very high quality. I use my Nikon SLR d300S for regular video sequences of the actual manufacture - the quality is fine for that but for the 'product scenes' I need to step up in terms of quality.

I am planning to use the SLR to take a sequence of static shots and I am welding up a solid steel jig with rotation and linear translation so that the camera can be accurately positioned - my tripod has a convenient solid 'grab point' with legs retracted so I do not have to reinvent the wheel regards the tilt-pan head - the rig will just firmly hold the collapsed down tripod in mid air.

It is not a major project as I have bits and pieces lying around that will work just fine for this. I tested out a prototype and rigidity was not a problem.

I use the SLR tethered to my laptop so I can focus each frame precisely on key points in the image and so on - I will be working at significantly higher resolution than any video camera I could afford or even afford to hire plus all the advantages of RAW processing and so on.

The key issue for me here is resolution, my products have a unique surface finish which is very hard to capture on lower resolution video but stills from a reasonably high end SLR will capture the detail required.

I usually convert RAW to 16 bit Tiff but I may find I have to do something else for Hitfilm.

Typical shot length will be around 3 seconds and I plan to work towards 24 fps.

I am not really looking for someone to guide me through the process - we all need to invent and try ourselves first before taking other folks time but all the same if people have tried it and have experiences of the problems or examples to show I would be interested to chat.


PS: Already seen one example with a camera that did not move ( time lapse of trees in the wind ) but what I am attempting is different, the camera will be moving every frame - there may still be some common points though.


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    As far as your rig goes, have fun and good luck.

    Working with image sequences in Hitfilm is fairly easy, whether time lapse or stop motion. Set your frames into their own folder with sequential image names, and select "Import Image Sequence" from the File Menu (When you "open" the sequence folder you won't see any files. Ignore that--just select the folder and Hitfilm will import the frames).

    The image sequence will be treated as a video file of the project frame rate.

    With Hitfilm Express you'll be limited to a maximum 4K timeline (assuming your GPU is up to it), but your image sequence will import at full size. In practice this means you'll likely have to scale down the video on the timeline. Or, use the additional resolution to push closer...

    Otherwise, the sequence will be treated like a video file.

    Hitfilm Express only works in 8bit/channel color space. I'm not certain if a 16-bitt Tiff would import into Express, but, internally VFX would be calculated in 8-bit space. If 16-bit TIFF doesn't load into Express, your next best best is 8-bit PNG files. Those will at least be lossless, unlike JPEG.

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    Yes PNG is my preferred 8bit choice.

    Yes I am sure it will be a lot of fun I am quite looking forwards to it - the biggest issue will be whether in natural lighting I can achieve 3x24 frames within  a stable light condition - however with tethering to the laptop for focus and monitoring I expect it will end up being fairly mechanical and its going to be repetitive to I expect the required skills will sharpen fairly very quickly through sheer repetition if nothing else.